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5 Ways HRs Can Engage Employees Working Remotely During COVID-19

Employees Working Remotely During COVID-19

COVID19 is impacting the whole world and has put almost every sector in a miserable economic condition. It has negatively affected employee motivation and effectiveness in operations throughout the world & practices such as social distancing, lockdown and self-isolation are made mandatory by the Government.

Employees and workers who are somehow managing to work amidst the pandemic are facing a lot of problems as they are working from home. Most of the sectors are facing economic draught because their employees are unable to focus on work. Thus, it is the duty of companies to keep their employees engaged while they work from home following the practice of social distancing.

How can companies engage employees working remotely during COVID -19?

As discussed above, the crisis brought upon us COVID-19 demands working with creative and compelling ideas to engage the employees to work remotely. Working from home can be quite dull and decrease motivation among employees. Offshore recruitment companies and RPO companies are implementing and experimenting with new ideas that can work efficiently in maximizing employee efficiency.

5 ways HRs Can Engage Employees Working Remotely During COVID-19

Regular Appreciation 

Working from home may have a few benefits but most often, employees find it difficult to find enthusiasm and energy to work remotely. In such a situation, if an employee comes up with new ideas, make sure they are getting appreciated for their efforts. You can also send out weekly appreciation mails for the best performers to motivate them. These little gestures of appreciation will mean a lot to them and inspire them to perform better. By doing this, the employees will get that zeal to work efficiently and drive results for your company.

Reward them expeditiously

Well, the employees working from home are clearly finding it difficult to strike a work-life balance. It can be quite challenging to work with kids and other family members around you. So, whenever you get time, hold them in high esteem. You can easily send rewards through the mail, video conferences or in the communication platform your team is using. Let them know that their work is being appreciated with small tokens of virtual rewards such as to feature them on the social media page or newsletter. The sooner you do, the happier they will be.

Improve their skills

All employees working in a company do not have the same level of prowess. Some may face difficulties at a basic level but are afraid to share because it can jeopardize their jobs. Now is the perfect time for them to work on their skills. You can conduct webinars related to different topics related to the operations of your company. You can also share articles, successful projects, knowledgeable PPTs, etc. to keep them motivated. This will help them to know about your company operations and also become aware of the areas they need to work on. When you help your employees, they will trust you more, making their work from home effortless.

Organize competitions & contests

In this pandemic situation, not only your employees, even their families, rely on your company. Everyone is enduring from something and in this situation, if you take an interest in improving their personal time, then it will mean a lot to them. You can also conduct competitions where they can participate with friends and family. These activities can be uploaded on social platforms as well, thus increasing your reach. This will make them feel convivial and congenial while they work for you.

Be interactive at an optimum level

Working daily in the cubicles doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities to interact. Utilize this opportunity to the maximum level and interact with the employees. Create an open platform where every employee can share their idea that will help the company to expand globally. Once the ideas are on the platform, try to acknowledge them. If an idea is subpar, then explain to them why this idea cannot be taken. And if some ideas are spectacular, then let them know that the company will be happy to apply their plan. Such sessions between all levels of management will help the organization bond.

How can Offshore Recruitment Agencies be helpful?

Offshore Recruitment Agencies work on the cutting edge methodologies to stand before the competition and provide expertise in recruitment. An Offshore Recruitment Company provides a cost-effective recruitment process so that you can get the best return on investment. The RPO company allows the internal human resources to free their time from the rigorous recruitment process and focus on the well-being of employees.

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In this pandemic situation, we understand the problem to engage the employees to increase productivity and quality of service. While working remotely can decrease motivation among employees, disturb communication and affect the work-life balance, it is without a doubt, the need of the hour. The core to withstand this challenge is brainstorming new ways to engage employees while they contribute to the growth of your business remotely.

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