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Onboarding Process


While employees make an organization, the value of every employee’s contribution is more evident in a small business where each employee puts on different hats and hustles between meeting the deadline and ensuring productivity, simultaneously maintaining the ratio of cost and internal resources investment. Employees play a pivotal role in…

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Top 5 Traits Millennials are looking in a Boss

Employer works with a lot of millennial employees. In fact, you might see millennial employees playing a big part in company’s future. This makes it crucial for you to lead them in the correct direction. Today millennials are searching for different things than their older counterparts. Some of the traits…

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Is Your Onboarding Program Still Effective

Many organizations are facing serious challenges during onboarding. They are dealing with different issues like time consuming issues like training and developing sessions, adaptability exercises etc. According to data collected by Equifax more than half of the new recruit quit their jobs within 12 months in a new company. Society…

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