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The power of social media is evident in every industry. From sports to entertainment to retail to technology, social media has helped every domain steer ahead. One such sector significantly impacted by leveraging social media is, recruitment. An increasing number of organizations are realizing the ways social media is helping…

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Recruitment trend to reinforce hiring strategy?

2017 saw RPO Industry copiously utilising technology to streamline the recruitment process and manage it effectively. Not only an increasing number of RPO was seen working on a project-specific basis, but they were also implementing real-time and customised reporting to enhance their recruiting strategies. But with the evolving human resource…

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Impact of technology on recruitment

With the emergence of technology, social media, application tracking systems the world has been completely transformed. The globe that was once dominated by employees of the company in recruiting is now more dependant on digital technology. Nowadays, companies are more looking forward towards branding, an approach in the direction of…

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying ATS

Are you planning to buy the new applicant tracking system software? With thousand of different system available in the market, you have to sift through white papers and demons to get the right one. If you are successful in getting one, then you will save your time and interview scheduling…

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