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Recruitment Approach Startup Firms Should Adopt Right Now

Recruitment process becomes critical aspect for startup firms. For them, every bad hire can result in incredible damage. In order to complicate the situation, big firms have employer brand and product that attract potential job seekers. SMBs have no recruiters, no recognition and only informal hiring process. Recruiting gets more…

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4 Best Phone Interview Questions to Get Potential Candidate

Do you want to recruit quality hire and save valuable time? Conducting an effective phone interview while screening candidate can be very effective. Have you ever wondered what are the best phone interview to ask for getting potential candidate. Process to Conduct Phone Interview Phone recruitment is a crucial tool…

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5 Ways To Leverage Social Media In Recruitment

Talent acquisition isn’t always easy and it becomes even more difficult when a vacant position requires specific skill sets. Above all, with the improvement in a market economy, there are ample opportunities available for job seekers. This further makes it more difficult to get a hold of potential candidates. This…

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Smartphones: Technology Boon for the recruiters

Recruitment is all about interaction with potential candidates and interchange of information and knowledge between the two parties. In today’s word, recruiters have unlimited resources to communicate with a candidate through a number of channels. This is where smartphones have made their impact. Candidates can be reached through all sorts…

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