Features to look for in your RPO vendor

While hiring talented and motivated candidates is crucial to every business regardless of its structure, and operational demands, the process of recruitment is complex and requires specialization. Whether due to unavailability of suitable candidates or because there is a fault in the methods of recruitment, business often suffers a loss

Why is your Social Media, Time-crunched for Recruitment

Whether in tangible terms or terms of innovative practices, business organizations are leaving no stone unturned to generate a viable means of recruitment. Gone is the era when finding the top talents was based on referrals and internal recommendations alone, the IT-enabled age promises us various other means of talent

How can You reinforce your Employer Branding?

A recent publication report on employee engagement states that out of 100 million full-time employees in America, 70 million do not engage at work. Contextually relevant studies indicate that poor employee handling is the number one reason people tend to leave their jobs. Aggregating the research and statistical evidence, it

Tech Adoption For Focused HR Outsourcing Processes

 Image Source: Economic Times Leading companies are continuously on the lookout for like minded persons who can always stand with them because of their skills and long-lasting competitive differentiation. For any company, their employees are their main resource. They need to sustain and manage them efficaciously in order to achieve

What’s Hurting Your Talent Acquisition Process

What’s Hurting Your Talent Acquisition Process Having a robust enough candidate pool is a must in this fiercely competitive business environment. We have seen from our experience that it takes a company more than a month to find a right candidate for any job. And when we calculated the cost

HR Outsourcing: A Goal Oriented Approach

There are times when business need to take decisions for further growth and expansion in specific departments. This may happen due to rigid strategic goal or launch of a new service or product. There is need to find ways to achieve goals which are appropriate and cost-effective. The first consideration