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Smartphones: Technology Boon for the recruiters

Recruitment is all about interaction with potential candidates and interchange of information and knowledge between the two parties. In today’s word, recruiters have unlimited resources to communicate with a candidate through a number of channels. This is where smartphones have made their impact. Candidates can be reached through all sorts…

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4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Online Interview

The ways we work, study, communicate, and entertain ourselves have seen a major transformation over the last decade or so thanks to evolving technology. Among one of the many benefits of the internet is online interviews, which allow people to be evaluated for positions in other cities or even other…

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5 Skills to Look For in Your Recruiting Executive

The recruitment department at any corporation is one of the most essential. After all, every business wants to attract and retain top talent in order to expand and increase profitability. As such, it is vital to have a top notch recruiting executive who not only understands the workforce but also…

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