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5 Ways to Revive Your Recruiting Strategy

Irrespective of your business size, having an effective recruitment strategy to attract the right talent becomes one of the important factor. Latest technologies and social tools helps in finding innovative ways to target the potential audience. With the increase in demand of young talent, talent acquisition has become more competitive…

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How HR Can Club Together Fragmented Pieces of Workforce

One of the challenging task is managing people. Misunderstanding among different personalities, various level of skills and paperwork contributes towards plaguing the growth of any business. We all will agree that contract and conflicts are the by product, when different personalities have to deal with each other in a business.…

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Collar Search is proud and excited to announce its recent expansion into a new office space. Staying up to date with new technology and dedicated staff members have fueled the remarkable growth of the company, making it mandatory to make a new move. Collar Search kicked off the beginning of…

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3 Tips To Buck the Recruiting Trend

We all have witnessed  a regular change in the interview technique, CV styles and recruitment process. There are few trends that stays for a relatively short time period and others that last long. But the irony is that the trends which are there for longer time period and are affecting…

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Must For Recruiters

Let’s start with understanding what emotional intelligence really is? This is the ability to control, perceive and evaluate emotions of an individual. So, are you really considering emotional intelligence as an important factor in your recruiting process? Not really! Right? The recruitment department of various companies are completely relying on…

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