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5 Ways To Leverage Social Media In Recruitment

Talent acquisition isn’t always easy and it becomes even more difficult when a vacant position requires specific skill sets. Above all, with the improvement in a market economy, there are ample opportunities available for job seekers. This further makes it more difficult to get a hold of potential candidates. This…

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Collar Search Hosts Finance Literacy Workshop

Collar Search being a valuable result oriented company monitors changing trends in the market. They conducted a workshop on “Finance Literacy” in the month of June for enlightening the team with different aspects of market economy. As the fiscal decisions taken by individuals belonging to different tiers of economy affects…

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5 Tips to become Job-Ready

Looking for tips that can leave a good impression on your employer's mind? Several times even after possessing the required skills, a candidate is expected to possess certain aptitude that can benefit the organization in the long run. The employers are looking for potential talents which can impact their business…

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