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Healthcare RPO Services

Healthcare Outsourcing will help you find qualified clinical and non-clinical tasks without having to invest your in-house staff time, energy, and potential. Healthcare outsourcing is a cost-effective and time-saving smart choice every healthcare organization should leverage from.

Why Us
Cutting Edge methodologies

Cutting Edge Methodologies

Our extensive experience has helped us devise a tried and tested method for recruitment in implementing the latest tools and technology. This exceptional process helps us to offer world-class healthcare RPO service to our clients.

Clinical expertise

Clinical expertise

We have a complete team of professionals that are clinical experts, and are well aware of what your healthcare business needs in terms of talent, skill, and expertise. Our team uses their experience to build a high-quality hiring strategy for your firm.



We always use a team-based strategy that reaps the advantages of operational healthcare outsourcing technology. This approach gives us the ability to minimize the direct hiring fees, and provide you with cost effective scalable recruitment solutions.

Effective risk mitigation

Effective risk mitigation

By taking advantage of our long years of experience in the healthcare RPO industry and accessing the expertise of our seasoned team, you can minimize the risk of incompetent onboarding and minimize the possibility of losing any candidate.


Find effective solutions for All Your Healthcare Needs

Nurse Recruitment

Nurse Recruitment

We will help you connect with a diverse base of experienced and reputed nursing staff-temporary and permanent. Be it for your emergency care, permanent nursing staff, interim nurse managers, acute care nursing staff, Collar Search healthcare recruitment staff will make sure you find the right fit. 

Administrative & Professional Recruitment

Administrative & Professional Recruitment

It can be tricky to navigate through the intricacies of healthcare back end tasks. Collar Search will assist you in finding capable administrative staff that can streamline healthcare management. 

Clinical Research Recruitment

Clinical Research Recruitment

The medical industry is always researching to fight a new disease and promote a more healthy living environment. Collar Search is there to help you source, screen, and onboard clinical research candidates that will contribute with their knowledge and expertise to the research. 

RPO Checking References

Allied Health Recruitment

We are well-connected with the allied healthcare candidates of public, private, and government hospitals, healthcare organizations, facilities, and care providers who will assure on-time, quality, and professionalism. 

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences Recruitment

Collar Search will assist you in hiring and placing thoroughly vetted, experienced pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life science professionals. Having worked on a diverse recruitment assignment, we will help you guarantee desirable outcomes keeping quality and care the utmost priority.

Physician Assistants Recruitment

Physical Therapists/ Physician Assistants Recruitment

There is always an urgent requirement and an acute shortage of physical therapists and physician assistants in healthcare organizations. Collar Search will help bridge the gap and connect you with experienced therapists and assistants who will contribute to the quality of care and treatment.

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Healthcare RPO - Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the shortage of clinical and non-clinical professionals in the healthcare industry, finding the best talent has become very challenging. But with the help of a professional healthcare RPO company, you can get the right candidate from the industry and that too, without wasting time and money. Nowadays, most healthcare firms are opting for RPO services instead of keeping recruitment processes in-house .

Flexibility and Scalability are the top benefits you get for your recruitment process by opting for RPO services. You can quickly increase or decrease the number of recruiters and other professionals working on the recruitment process, and thus you will be able to manage the expenses.

In addition to this, you will be able to reduce the total time taken during the recruitment process by almost 30%, and you don’t have to even compromise with the quality of the recruitment process. Along with this, you will not have to break the banks to hire the best candidates from the industry, as just by paying the fixed fee, you can have a world-class recruitment process.

Our healthcare RPO services are offered at a competitive price, and we use the latest tools and technology to streamline the recruitment process. We also have long years of experience in the healthcare RPO industry, and we assign professionals with expertise in the healthcare industry for your business so that you can get expected results from outsourcing healthcare RPO services.

Yes, you will have complete control of whom you want to hire in your company as the final decision of whether to accept or reject the candidate will be on you.

Yes, we offer industry-specific RPO services, and that’s why businesses from different industry domains choose us without any second thoughts.