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Propositions for everybody! We help you find the right candidates with intended skills and desired proficiency levels. Whatever type of business you are operating, we can help you meet the suitable job seeker for your opening. All executives provided by us are relevantly qualified and efficient, and the best thing is that they will fit into your budget specifications perfectly.

Expert Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO India)

Partners With Global Leaders in The US & Canada region


With its world-class recruitment process outsourcing that meets international standards of human capital acquisition, Collar Search is incessantly providing strategic advantage to the leading global brands based in the US and Canada. We do this by acquiring high-quality talented personnel for our partners to give them the competitive edge that is essential for their strategic growth.

Collar Search is a prominent name in RPO industry in India. We are known for our global outreach in talent acquisition and providing a dedicated offshore recruitment resource and HR support to our global partners. With us on your side, you get offshore recruiters with business optimization results that enable you to leverage your business to the next level and beyond.

Benefits Of RPO

Leading companies choose recruitment process outsourcing as a tool to achieve strategic advantage. In this way, they acquire better employees, more quickly and by employing fewer resources.

In addition, the cost of operation, risk, and complexity is reduced to a significant extent and the money, along with every other resource, is invested strategically.

It helps them focus on the more important aspect - ‘the growth of the company’, while we provide unhindered support to them.

And thanks to the foreign exchange rates, when you outsource recruitment process services from India, you get to avail these services at the most reasonable price possible.

“Acquiring Quality Candidates, Creating A Smarter Workforce.”

Why Choose Collar Search?

Maximum ROI

At Collar Search, we find you the top talents more quickly, thereby giving you the maximum return on your investment. We understand the crucial need of utilizing your business resources in an optimal way.

RPO Customization

At Collar Search, every step of recruitment process outsourcing is customizable to meet your business organization needs. We work to deliver sourcing, recruitment and hiring solution designed around you.

Global outreach

Global outreach of our elite recruiters lets you acquire the most talented professionals from around the world. Your competitors are global; you need a global workforce to meet them effectively.

Dedicated offshore recruitment resource

At Collar Search, we recognize the key potential of unsurpassed talents who make a significant impact on business growth. We engaged a completely dedicated offshore recruitment team that determines and takes care of your specific recruitment needs.

Partners with leading global brands

  • We are partners with leading brands in the US and Canada.
  • We help them acquire top talents.
  • We help their organization grow.
  • When they need HR services and recruitment resource, they trust us. .

Our Services


At Collar Search, we offer RPO in two defining ways: offshore recruitment specialists and offshore recruitment managers. You can choose from them as per your business needs.

Offshore recruitment specialists

We have a dedicated team of recruitment specialists who do the complete analysis of the vacant job positions in your organization. After the analysis, our professionals do extensive candidate research to line up the talents.

Offshore recruitment managers

The team of our expert offshore recruitment manager implement a process that includes complete analysis of positions, screening of shortlisted candidates, arranging interviews, checking references, issuing job offer, acceptance and joining of the talented candidates that suits your business needs.

Elite recruiters

Our team of recruiters at Collar Search has an average of 3 – 10 years of experience. We constantly upgrade their skills by providing training in the latest recruitment techniques and systems.

HR Outsourcing

At Collar Search, we provide professional HR outsourcing solutions for your business with the ideal administrative methods that ensure a smooth progression of your company's management.

Our HR outsourcing team provides a comprehensive human resource services to your company. Our effective methods of recruiting and selection processes; policy development & management; employee training and development programs, help you gain an efficient ascendancy over your enterprise.

Offshore Resume Research Specialists

At Collar Search, our team of resume research specialists ensures that you get the best human capital for your organization.

It all starts with finding the resumes of the right candidates. Our team conducts full research that involves the acquisition of the most skilled candidates for the opening in your organization. We acquire these top talents by conducting both primary and secondary form of research.

HRMS Technology

Our experts at Collar Search implement HRMS technology to help you gain competitive edge by hiring intellectual individuals for you, who would fulfill the requirements of your projects and business goals. Through HRMS technology, we are able to create robust processes, extract accurate information about candidates, and suggest potentially talented people who can make a difference in your organization.

Bench Marketing Specialists

We handle all the issues that deal with bringing new employees to your organization. At Collar Search, our team of professional bench marketing experts identifies the job openings in your company and place bench candidates via H1b/W2 Marketing through cold calling, job portals (like -, Dice, Craigslist, LinkedIn,, C2C,, etc.), referrals, internet recruiting, personal links, social networking, etc.

CV sourcing

Our team of expert recruiters at Collar Search source CVs of potential talents from multiple leading Job Boards of the world to match job requirements of your business precisely. Our team will source candidates from global job boards, internal candidate database and from the internet to find active candidates to meet the specific job requirements of your organization.

Recruiters on-demand

Our team of expert recruiters at Collar Search is deployable on short notice to extend your resources. Moreover, you can extricate them easily when the business objectives are met.

Recruiter On-Demand is a tool devised by Collar Search to provide recruitment process outsourcing solutions that build your business.

With Recruiter On-Demand, you get recruiting experts:

  • who deliver transparent, scalable and on-demand recruiting services
  • who represent your company
  • who are skilled in sourcing
  • who can be engaged and disengaged on short notice

24X7 support

We do not let the fact of offshore services or the time zone between you and us make any difference in our deliverables. The team of Collar Search provides a relentless 24X7 support to meet your HR and RPO needs.

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