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4 Questions That You Must Smartly Answer In An Interview

October 08,2021


When was the last time you mentally prepped yourself for a job interview? Remember the mental stress, challenges, and how extensively you prepared yourself for it. Job interviews could be tough for candidates, and slightly strenuous for employers as well. Countless details are ascertained before the interview, be it the questions that could be asked during the interview.

Speaking of which, interview screenings are significant for corporates as they are responsible for extracting the qualitative bunch of candidates from the market and improving the credibility of your business. In today’s fast-paced world, whether it’s a multinational corporation or a small business, the majority of them hire recruitment consulting services coming from external firms simply because they have such a good handle on the recruiting process These agencies are pro at knowing what questions you must ask from the prospective candidates in order to get the expected positive results.

As a candidate, there are numerous details that you must remember to answer, or smartly deal with. Such details not only have a discriminatory background but could also be used to hand out greater or lower job positions. You must have heard about people having bad interviews because they were asked about their cultural background or race. Sometimes, the employer might have apprehensions about these nuances, however, soliciting such information is usually considered a derogatory attempt.

In many corporate interviews, you may find people asking you these questions casually, however, it is imperative to proactively refuse to answer them and proceed with the process. Let’s have a look at what these questions or subtopics are and why they must not be addressed during a formal interview session –

  • Religion

    Inquiring about your religious practices, beliefs, and faith is not appreciated at all levels, and thus becomes the next question that you ought not to acknowledge. This falls under sensitive aspects of an individual’s personal life and querying about this might hurt the sentiments of the candidate. Further, religious statements might create tension between you and the employer. Therefore, in all cases, you must not answer such undermining questions in order to eliminate the slightest chances of on-the-job discrimination on the subject of religion.

  • Gender

    Next, workplace gender discrimination is a debatable topic that resides within every corporate. Multiple times, candidates are based on their gender choices and decisions, and this projects a negative effect on their selection probability. Most regions and states have discouraged firms to inquire about the gender of the candidate. This brings us to the third question that must be left unanswered during an interview. Asking your gender might mean that the employer might have a little hesitance in offering you the defined role. Not justifying your gender does not only free you from unfavorable biasedness but also provides a sense of self-esteem to fight for what’s right for you.

  • Citizenship

    Lastly, inquiring about the origin of the candidate is exceptionally incorrect and prohibited. Suppose you’re questioned about your citizenship and you provide a reasonable response for it. This piece of information is generally manipulated by employers during screening applications at later stages of the hiring process. Although it is lawfully not banned to question the employees, however, you can choose not to provide the details at all times. This puts you in an indiscriminate state where the employer cannot take biased actions on your job application, based on your origin and citizenship.


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