Manufacturing RPO Services

With our proven track record and robust network, we can streamline your hiring process, reduce time-to-fill, and ensure that you have access to the best talent available in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing RPO Services

Leading Manufacturing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services Provider 

Collar Search is one of the most reliable and growing manufacturing recruiting firms in India Offering top-tier RPO services in India, with a very good track record and a team of highly professional and experienced recruiters. By taking advantage of our particular recruitment area, we can help with your manufacturing recruitment and allow you to fuel your business by harnessing the advantage of a smarter, experienced, and reliable workforce.

We first analyze the position for which our clients want candidates, and then we structure our recruitment process according to the specific need of that position.We also offer Logistics RPO Services, ensuring that we meet the demands of the fast-paced logistics industry. We have been working towards keeping the talent pipe full for hundreds of clients from different industries in their manufacturing process, and that’s how we have built a reputed name in the industry. At Collar Search, we keep our customers satisfied by guaranteeing a reliable delivery service.

Our Principle: Find The Best From The Rest

Every industry has become competitive, and even hiring the right candidate for your manufacturing unit or process has become a very daunting task. There are many businesses that struggle with candidate sourcing, and that’s why they are not able to get expected results from their efforts. The financial obstacle, along with the hurdle of time management makes it difficult for businesses to find the right talent on their own. Well, this is where manufacturing RPO services from Collar Search can act as a saviour for you and fill the void between your company and the skillset you are looking for.

We not only provide the right candidate to our clients through our comprehensive on demand recruiting approach, but we also help our clients in skyrocketing their growth. We have been the reason behind increasing productivity and growth for many businesses, and that’s why clients trust us for RPO services without any second thoughts. We are one of the best manufacturing recruiting agency in India.


Benefits Of Hiring Manufacturing RPO Firm

  • Choose the best talent out there without actually spending much time, money and effort
  • Allow your business to thrive and build a smarter and skilled workforce in your company.
  • Aids you in achieving excellence in recruitment and improving both long term workforce planning and short term needs.

Manufacturing RPO services aid you in achieving excellence in recruitment and improve both long term workforce planning and short term needs.

Customized Solution

Customized Solution

We provide complete freedom of customization to our clients at every stage of manufacturing RPO services, and that’s why all our clients, with specific recruitment needs, are able to get expected results by choosing us as a manufacturing recruitment services agency.

MC & Maximize Productivity

MC & Maximize Productivity

By choosing us as your manufacturing recruitment outsourcing partner, you can get rid of the complexities that come along with recruitment and get better results by accessing the experience of our recruiting team.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with our clients so that we can keep tabs on what our clients expect from us and how we can fulfil their recruiting needs by keeping the expenses minimal. Our collaborative approach lets us understand our clients in a better way.

Agile Process

Agile Process

We use the agile process and the best available methodologies for recruiting the right candidate. This way, we are able to maintain the quality of our service and continue our business with 100% customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing RPO Services


  • Specialized manufacturing recruiting expertise to suit your need
  • Competitive pricing so that you don’t have to worry about your budget before choosing us
  • Client-centric approach for providing maximum client satisfaction
  • A scalable process so that you can fine-tune your recruitment requirement according to your needs.

Manufacturing RPO Services

One Place for All Your Logistics Staffing Needs

Facilities Management Recruitment icon

The adroitness of facility management is determined by the quality of delivery of support services. Collar Search’s facilities management recruitment solution guarantees the recruitment and placement of able facility managers who ensure efficacy and efficiency,while also offering Healthcare RPO Services and Engineering RPO services to meet your specialized needs.

Production Management Recruitment icon

Production and production management is a complex process where quality and precision are of utmost importance. The staff should be backed with training and experience. Collar Search offers robust production management recruitment solution for enhanced output quality

On-Site Management icon

On-site managers need to be team workers, that can get the work done with their excellent strategizing and communication ability. Collar Search on-site management staffing solutions will guarantee a staff that you can rely on for all your projects for maximum profitability.

Skilled Trades Recruitment icon

Skilled technicians are always in demand in manufacturing units, factories, and plants. Collar Search skilled trades recruitment solutions will find and place the technician in your unit, regardless of the industry you manufacture for.

Supervisors/Leads Recruitment icon

A manufacturing unit needs supervisors that can guarantee productivity, efficiency, and quality. Collar Search networking will be of value here in finding supervisors and leads that contribute to steering ahead of the curve. We offer both Flexible RPO Solutions and technology recruitment solutions to ensure your teams are not only efficient but also tech-savvy.

Warehouse Facilities Recruitment icon

From warehouse associates who will streamline the basic process to supervisors and managers, Collar Search Warehouse facilities recruitment solutions for all.

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  • What is manufacturing RPO services?

    Manufacturing RPO service is the type of service in which a portion of recruitment or the complete recruitment cycle is outsourced to a third party. You should know that manufacturing RPO services have become a new normal, and many businesses are taking advantage of this modern way of finding the right talent.

  • Is manufacturing RPO services less costly than in-house recruitment?

    Yes, if you will opt for manufacturing RPO services instead of in-house recruitment, then you will be able to save money and stay cost-effective with your recruitment process. All the expenses related to managing, hiring, and training an HR team along with the recruitment process are wiped out in manufacturing recruitment outsourcing services.

  • Do we get a say in which the recruiter works on our behalf?

    Yes, in most cases, our clients are given a chance to pick the right recruiter from our team, so that they can get expected results from outsourcing manufacturing RPO services.

  • What technology do you recommend?

    Our team of recruiters is well versed in different types of technology used during the recruitment cycle, and that’s why they will be able to fit like a glove in the technology that you currently use in your business.