Offshore IT Staffing

Collar Search offers offshore IT staffing services that are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. With our expertise and extensive network, we provide access to highly skilled and qualified IT professionals from around the world.

Offshore IT Staffing

In addition to talent acquisition and recruitment services, at Collar Search we also offer dedicated offshore IT staffing solutions. We help you to deal with the challenges in identifying and recruiting potential IT staff from other parts of the world. We have set processes and work on specific IT tools that can help you find the right candidate with reduced potential costs.

Since, we are situated in India, cost reduction occurs in key areas like office space, basic infra, professional fees and salary.

In return, what you get is best in class IT solutions and quality staff that can ensure you get only best in deliverable s. Owing to so many advantages, many organizations around the world have already opted for offshore IT staffing services and if you haven’t then you could be losing on potential revenue.

At Collar Search, we maintain an extensive database of USA based IT specialists who can manage small to large teams and coordinate with clients regardless of where they may be situated.

India gives a wide range of bright and enthusiastic IT programmers pass out at a low cost. So, if you are looking for talent in website development, application development, web designing, gaming, animation and more, we can help you connect with the right expert.

While outsourcing your work to an offshore IT staffing agency in India, you need not have to give any second thought to the quality of work delivered. Through various communications streams that are present, the project manager would be in touch with you at all stages of the project.

  • We would work as per your specifications and budgets.
  • We offer a world of options to choose from.
  • We always source and recruit potential candidates after performing a rigorous test.
  • We even negotiate on the salary front to make things easier for you.

Offshore IT staffing is the optimal solution for those companies who wish to save considerable money, time and efforts. At Collar Search, we truly understand your basic requirements and offer IT staffing solutions that you can depend on!!


We believe in the power of real stories and firsthand experiences and that is why we are proud to share their stories of success and partnership.






Lisa Ray

Vice-President, Staffing Services, TX

"I can't express enough gratitude for their staffing services. They have been an invaluable partner in understanding our unique business needs and delivering candidates who fit seamlessly into our team. The company's responsive and professional approach to staffing makes the entire process a breeze. For all our staffing requirements, Collar Search is our first and only choice."

James Smith

Director, Healthcare Staffing, FL

"The amount of work this company does is crazy!!!! Collar Search has been a true blessing for our healthcare facility. They are experts, and we loved how they worked with us on healthcare staffing. With their assistance, we are able to build a team of healthcare professionals who are not only highly skilled but also deeply compassionate. Our patients are receiving top-tier care, and we couldn't be happier with the professionals Collar Search has found for us."

Jordon Moore

CEO, RPO Services, TX

"Collar Search's RPO services have truly transformed how we hire talent. Their team's commitment to finding the perfect fit for our company is remarkable. Thanks to Collar Search, our hiring process is efficient and more effective. We have seen an improvement in the talents of new hires, making our team stronger and more capable than ever."


CPO,Engineering Staffing, NY

"I have been wondering how collar search has done engineering staffing for our projects. Their ability to identify and connect us with highly skilled engineers with the necessary technical expertise is impressive. Collar Search is our trusted source for engineering talent, and their services have played a vital role in our project success. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking engineering talent."


COO,Manufacturing Staffing, SF

"Collar Search has been a huge help in finding skilled workers for our factory. They really know our industry and have consistently connected us with great manufacturing staff. Thanks to them, our team is now more efficient and better at making our products."

Min Wilson

IC,Logistics Staffing Services,LA

"Collar Search is our first choice for finding logistics professionals. They understand our supply chain and have helped us find the right people. Our logistics team is now better at handling our deliveries, and our business runs more smoothly."

Richard Wilson

CFO,Account Process Outsourcing, SD

"I cannot think of a better place to outsource our financial work than Collar Search, and they've done an excellent job. They are efficient and accurate in managing our finances, which has greatly impacted our company's success. Collar Search feels like a part of our team."

David Rodriguez

SM ,Bookkeeping, AL

"Collar Search's bookkeeping service has made our finances easier to manage. They pay close attention to the details and keep our financial records in order. Collar Search has made a tough job seem easy, and we now have a clear picture of our finances to help us make better decisions."

  • What is Offshore IT Staffing?

    Collar Search being a renowned offshore IT Staffing company provides professional staffing solutions for small to medium and large corporate companies. You can outsource a small part, or full departments, of your workforce. Our impeccable range of services include creative services, customer care, recruitment of employees or back office work.

  • How does Offshore IT Staffing save money?

    By using an offshore IT Staffing company, companies can save money on full-time office staff and use that money to reinvest in strategic priorities. At Collar Search, we strive to maintain exclusive database of USA based IT specialists who can manage small to large teams and coordinate with clients regardless of where they may be situated.

  • What are the benefits of offshore staffing?

    When you choose Collar Search for your offshore staffing functions, you no more have to bear expensive labor costs, the output will improve adversely. You will have a team of industry experts to complete certain business tasks. There will be availability of highly educated offshore business specialists. You will have freedom to concentrate on core business concerns.

  • Do you have an in-house facility to train the staff?

    Yes, we at Collar Search have an in-house facility to train the staff. The inhouse staff training helps increase staff retention rate, helps establish a connection with the offshore staff and clients, prevents data theft and fraud, and prepares the staff to handle complex situations with utmost ease. The training also gives employees opportunity to learn and develop their career path.

  • Who can source Offshore IT Staffing Services?

    All the organizations – small, medium and large seeking operational efficiency to boost revenue and profitability can opt for offshore IT staffing services. We, at Collar Search specialize in sourcing the right resources and provides a comfortable and safe office environment for your remote staff to work in.

  • How is Collar Search Offshore Staffing different from other staffing firms?

    The team of Collar Search brings forward the most profitable solution for your business that helps you stand out amongst the competitors. We help you to deal with the challenges in identifying and recruiting potential IT staff from other parts of the world. The streamlined process and optimal utilization of IT tolls helps in identifying the right candidate with reduced potential costs.