HR Outsourcing Services

Collar Search's HR outsourcing services might help you focus on your business more effectively. Our skilled staff handles payroll, benefits, and compliance, relieving you of HR difficulties. Our specialized solutions will help you streamline processes, save expenses, and assure regulatory compliance. Partner with us for effective HR management, enabling you to focus on moving your company ahead.

Impact of HRMS technology on HR functioning

If you are managing a company that has been successful in proving its credentials to its business counterparts, then you must know that maintaining human resource is more daunting a task than it actually sounds. Our HR outsource companies includes comprehensive management services through

  • effective methods of recruiting and selection processes
  • policy development & management
  • classification and pay systems
  • employee training and development programs.

Looking to steer your business through the challenges of exponential growth? Look no further than Collar Search, your ultimate destination for HR outsourcing solutions in India. We specialize in streamlining administrative processes to ensure seamless day-to-day operations for your company.

From healthcare insurance to compensation packages, our HR outsourcing services in India are tailored to deliver optimal results for your organization. By alleviating the burden of administrative tasks, we enable you to focus your time and energy on strategic initiatives, all while reducing costs.

Time and attendance management, talent acquisition, and benefit administration are just a few areas where our expert HR team takes the reins, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on driving business growth. Plus, with access to cutting-edge global technology platforms, we ensure your company stays ahead of the curve in the outsourcing industry.

Labor costs can weigh heavily on your bottom line, but with Collar Search, one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in India, you can mitigate these expenses effectively. We extend benefits typically reserved for larger corporations to small and mid-sized businesses, thanks to our extensive pool of skilled personnel.

Even as a small business owner, you can provide your employees with competitive benefits, including retirement plans and various health insurance options, thanks to our comprehensive HR outsourcing services. Our dedicated HR specialists are committed to nurturing employee growth and development, empowering them to excel in their roles.

By entrusting your HR needs to us, you grant your staff access to convenient online payroll management, leave tracking, and performance appraisal reminders, fostering a culture of trust and confidence within your organization.

Collar Search has earned the trust and accolades of clients as one of the premier HR outsourcing firms in India, accelerating business processes and driving growth and profitability. Leveraging our strategic location, we tap into a vast network of seasoned HR professionals equipped to meet all your company's needs.

For efficient and impactful HR outsourcing services that propel your company forward, partner with Collar Search today.

Types of HR Outsourcing Models

  • PEO Outsourcing: A business engages into a co-employment agreement, and a third company handles payroll and taxes.
  • ASO Outsourcing: A third party performs HR activities while keeping the company's employer of record status.
  • HRO Outsourcing: Provides bespoke solutions that benefit major enterprises with internal HR capabilities.
  • SaaS HR Outsourcing: Uses software to do HR activities while preserving in-house control at a lower cost.
  • BPO HR Outsourcing: Outsourcing certain HR services while providing customized assistance.
  • Single-Source HR Outsourcing: Entails outsourcing all HR requirements to a single source, resulting in long-term relationships and complete assistance.

Benefits That Emerges from HR Outsourcing Services (Collar Search)

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, managing expenses is paramount, and it's no secret that labor costs pose a significant challenge. From worker's compensation to recruitment overheads, these expenses can quickly accumulate, impacting the efficiency and profitability of your enterprise.

Enter Collar Search, your trusted partner for HR outsourcing in India. Specializing in comprehensive HR solutions, we bring together a diverse pool of talent to cater to the needs of businesses, big and small. By leveraging our services, small and mid-sized enterprises can access the advantages typically enjoyed by larger corporations, all while optimizing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our tailored HR outsourcing services empower entrepreneurs to offer their employees a robust package of benefits, including diverse health insurance options and retirement plans, ensuring their well-being and fostering loyalty. With our expert HR consultants guiding employee development, your workforce is primed for success, driving productivity and growth.

By outsourcing HR functions, your employees gain access to convenient online payroll management, leave tracking, and anniversary reminders, fostering a culture of transparency and trust within your organization.

Based strategically in India, Collar Search has earned a reputation for excellence, delivering swift, scalable solutions that propel businesses forward. With our dedicated team of HR professionals versed in the intricacies of the industry, we're equipped to meet your organization's diverse needs and drive success.

Experience the benefits of seamless HR outsourcing with Collar Search. Unlock new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and profitability for your business.

With our company based in India, we at Collar Search have been serving clients faithfully and in the moment of our association, we have been able to gain their trust and competency as we strives to give them a company that runs faster, grows faster and makes money faster. Our company is strategically situated in India which denotes a vast number of people experienced in the diverse fields of Human Resource (HR Outsourcing Services) equipped to handle all the necessities of organizational skills that your company desires.


We believe in the power of real stories and firsthand experiences and that is why we are proud to share their stories of success and partnership.






Lisa Ray

Vice-President, Staffing Services, TX

"I can't express enough gratitude for their staffing services. They have been an invaluable partner in understanding our unique business needs and delivering candidates who fit seamlessly into our team. The company's responsive and professional approach to staffing makes the entire process a breeze. For all our staffing requirements, Collar Search is our first and only choice."

James Smith

Director, Healthcare Staffing, FL

"The amount of work this company does is crazy!!!! Collar Search has been a true blessing for our healthcare facility. They are experts, and we loved how they worked with us on healthcare staffing. With their assistance, we are able to build a team of healthcare professionals who are not only highly skilled but also deeply compassionate. Our patients are receiving top-tier care, and we couldn't be happier with the professionals Collar Search has found for us."

Jordon Moore

CEO, RPO Services, TX

"Collar Search's RPO services have truly transformed how we hire talent. Their team's commitment to finding the perfect fit for our company is remarkable. Thanks to Collar Search, our hiring process is efficient and more effective. We have seen an improvement in the talents of new hires, making our team stronger and more capable than ever."


CPO,Engineering Staffing, NY

"I have been wondering how collar search has done engineering staffing for our projects. Their ability to identify and connect us with highly skilled engineers with the necessary technical expertise is impressive. Collar Search is our trusted source for engineering talent, and their services have played a vital role in our project success. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking engineering talent."


COO,Manufacturing Staffing, SF

"Collar Search has been a huge help in finding skilled workers for our factory. They really know our industry and have consistently connected us with great manufacturing staff. Thanks to them, our team is now more efficient and better at making our products."

Min Wilson

IC,Logistics Staffing Services,LA

"Collar Search is our first choice for finding logistics professionals. They understand our supply chain and have helped us find the right people. Our logistics team is now better at handling our deliveries, and our business runs more smoothly."

Richard Wilson

CFO,Account Process Outsourcing, SD

"I cannot think of a better place to outsource our financial work than Collar Search, and they've done an excellent job. They are efficient and accurate in managing our finances, which has greatly impacted our company's success. Collar Search feels like a part of our team."

David Rodriguez

SM ,Bookkeeping, AL

"Collar Search's bookkeeping service has made our finances easier to manage. They pay close attention to the details and keep our financial records in order. Collar Search has made a tough job seem easy, and we now have a clear picture of our finances to help us make better decisions."

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  • What is HR Outsourcing?

    It refers to a process wherein the activities of the human resource of an organization are outsourced so as to focus on the organization’s core competencies. The expert staff is capable of providing the right candidate for the job under the signed agreement.

  • What HR Outsourcing Services do you offer?

    Our HR outsourcing services cover all segments such as recruitment, Visa & Payroll, Time and attendance, talent management, benefit administration. All of them are minced as detailed division of support.

  • Why should I outsource my HR functions to Collar Search?

    Collar Search handles the burden of HR management so you can focus on growing your business. We provide comprehensive management services through – effective methods of recruiting and selection processes, policy development & management, classification and pay systems, and employee training and development programs.

  • Why would I outsource rather than hiring someone internally?

    This is a common question. HR Outsourcing facilitates Headcount Reduction and disarray issues, Reduce the cost and improve Production, Limited Visa Quota Issues, Prime Core business development, Outlined Talent Acquisition, authorized and Licensed to provide candidates in your workplace, and assured world-class, czar of standards.

  • Is HR Outsourcing cheaper?

    There are lots of variables that go into determining the cost. Every relationship with the client is unique, therefore the pricing schedule also differs based on your exact needs. We’ll walk you through our proposal, break down the costs and make sure it is within your budget.

  • What types of services comes under HR Outsourcing?

    Whether partially or completely outsourcing, the impeccable range of HR outsourcing services we specialize in, includes:

    • Background Screening
    • Payroll Services
    • Risk Management
    • Temporary Staffing
    • Employee Assistance/Counseling
    • Health Care Benefits
    • Retirement Planning
    • Performance Management
    • Drug Screening
  • What are the procedures to adopt HR outsourcing service?

    The process is very simple.

    1) You can communicate your requirements to us.

    2) Signing on the Written Agreement for the contract of staff.

  • How do I choose the right HR outsourcing services for my business?

    We, at Collar Search have relationships with the best and skilled candidates throughout the country. We specialize in matching companies with the right human resources solutions provider based on your industry, preferences, geographic location and more. Choosing the right HR outsourcing services is a big decision for your company, let us help you make the right decision the first time! Contact us today.

  • How does HR outsourcing work?

    When you outsource your Human Resource work, your employees get access to online payroll vacations, anniversaries, and so on. This, in turn, builds trust and confidence on the part of the employers. Our team of experts is well versed in guiding the employee’s to excel in their professional graph.

  • What are human resource outsourcing companies?

    Human resource outsourcing companies are third-party firms that provide various HR services to businesses, ranging from payroll management to talent acquisition and employee training.