Engineering Staffing Services

Our specialized recruitment team consists of industry experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the engineering domain. We leverage our extensive network and advanced sourcing strategies to identify and engage top engineering talent across various disciplines.

Engineering Staffing Services

Provider Of Engineering Staffing Service In India/ Practical And Effective Engineering Staffing Service In India

Are you looking for a workforce partner that can help you in finding qualified engineers from the talent pool for a project or for a short period of time?

We at Collar Search offer specialized professional engineering staffing services and related talent solutions. We offer both offshore recruiters and recruitment managers to our clients for identifying, selecting, and engaging the best-fit engineering talent for crucial client roles. Whether you want engineering professionals staffing on a roll or off the roll, we are ready to serve you as per your specific needs and requirements. We are the most economical and experienced outsource engineering staffing firm in India.

Our Principle : Add To Productivity And Efficiency With The Right Set Of Talent

Keeping HR in-house has become one of the most challenging tasks for modern-day businesses. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses don’t have a proper HR team in order to conduct a professional recruitment process, and this is where the talent pool of the company starts experiencing the void. Along with the high cost involved in the recruitment process, businesses also have to dedicate time and effort in hiring the right talent, especially in the engineering sector. All these limitations and challenges make engineering staffing services the best Choice.

The main objective of our firm is to make recruitment the core strength of your company. We always work towards keeping the talent pool of your company filled, and we keep on looking for the right engineering candidate because we know the importance of the right engineers in your company. By using a client-centric approach and by using best methodologies, we have been able to maintain 100% customer satisfaction throughout our long years of operation in the RPO industry.


Benefits Of Hiring An Engineering Staffing Firm

  • Without spending money, resources on an in-house HR team or on an in-house recruitment process, you will be able to hire the best engineers from the industry.
  • Speed up your recruitment process by almost 30% and use the saved time in other core operations of your business.
  • They make sure that you are able to create a base of qualified, talented, and creative workforce.

Outsource engineering staffing to find the cream of the crop by implementing cost-efficient, effective strategies. Collar Search will make sure you are able to create a base of qualified, talented and a creative workforce.

Reliable Quality Performance

Reliable Quality Performance

At Collar Search, we use a result-oriented recruitment process that consumes minimal time and resources, and thus your Return on Investment improves. By choosing us, you can maximize your profit.

Great Track Record

Great Track Record

Our excellent track record speaks for our excellence in engineering staffing services. Throughout our existence in the industry, we have delivered exceptional engineering staffing services, and we take pride in our excellent and spotless track record. Go through our website to check our previous projects.

Technical Staffing Expert

Technical Staffing Expert

All the professionals working in our engineering staffing team have 4+ years of recruiting experience in the engineering industry, and in addition to this, they even have technical knowledge across different engineering domains. We make sure to assign the most fine-tuned professionals for your engineering staffing services.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket in order to opt for our engineering staffing services. We focus on reducing the recruitment cost of our clients, and that’s why we have been offering competitive pricing for our RPO services right from the beginning.

Engineering Staffing Services


  • We use a client-centric approach that lets us deliver better services
  • We have dealt with different industry domain and delivered excellent results
  • We are the most experienced offshore engineering staffing agency
  • We make good use of time-honored best practices and resourceful engagement with a global workforce

Engineering Staffing Services

One Place for All Your Engineering Staffing Needs

Quality Engineers Staffing icon

Quality control is of utmost importance in the manufacturing units and factories. Collar Search recruitment professionals have the technical understanding and professional nuances required to hire a quality engineer and will make sure you find the right fit for your organization.

Process Engineers Staffing icon

Process engineering requires precision and an eye for details. A minor mistake in the process development and the product can turn out to be what you didn’t want. Process engineers recruited by collar search will be backed with the experience of having successfully created a product to the T when it comes to design.

Industrial Engineers Staffing icon

Industrial engineers make for an integral part of the construction and manufacturing companies. Collar Search has been associated with the industrial engineering sector for a long time and uses this expertise to provide staffing solutions for maximum efficiency.

Automotive Engineers Staffing icon

Collar Search has a vast network of professionals in automotive, design, and process roles. It will provide long term staffing solutions that bring management and efficiency in the organization.

Mechanical Engineers Staffing icon

Mechanical engineers need to be well-versed with the technical complexities of the industry. They play a critical role in setting up the foundation of industries and manufacturing units. Having recruited and staffed mechanical engineers since the beginning, Collar Search holds unparalleled expertise in placing the right engineer in the right factory.

Manufacturing Engineers Staffing icon

Manufacturing is a complicated process that requires the engineers to have the experience, fluency in technical knowledge-other theoretical as well as practical, and the ability to navigate through the intricacies. Collar Search will help you with efficient mechanical engineering staffing agencies.

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  • What is the engineering staffing service?

    Engineering staffing services, provided by best engineering staffing agencies like Collar Search, encompass comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing tailored specifically for engineers. At Collar Search, we offer exceptional engineering staffing services and help you find the best engineers from the industry.

  • Why is going for engineering staffing services better than keeping recruitment in-house?

    If you outsource engineering staffing, then you will be able to save time, money, and effort. You will not need to hire, manage, and train HR professionals, and you will not have to bear the cost of conducting a complete recruitment process. You will be able to focus on your core business and let us take care of keeping your talent pool full. By working with us, you can reduce the time taken in a complete recruitment process and access the required skill set in minimal possible time.

  • Which type of business can opt for an engineering staffing service?

    The business of all sizes and types can opt for engineering staffing services. The competitive pricing and the control over the recruitment process make engineering staffing service a perfect fit for each and every kind of business.

  • How can I be sure about the quality of candidates hired if I choose Collar Search?

    We have been working in the RPO industry for a very long time, and by using the technical recruiting expertise of our engineering staffing team, we analyze and understand your exact engineering position needs. We use all the required tools and methodologies to find only the cream of the crop.

  • Who will make the final decision on the hiring?

    You are the one who will have the final say on hiring. If you are not satisfied with a candidate, then you can reject them without any hassle.

  • Why choose Collar Search for mechanical and civil engineering staffing needs?

    Collar Search excels as one of the premier staffing agencies for mechanical engineers and civil engineers. With a vast talent pool and expert recruiters, we match your requirements with top-tier engineering talent, ensuring project success.

  • What sets engineer staffing agencies apart?

    Engineer staffing agencies specialize in sourcing and recruiting skilled professionals in various engineering disciplines. Collar Search stands out for its meticulous selection process, ensuring the best fit for your needs.