IT RPO Services

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, having the right IT professionals is crucial for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. Our IT staffing services focus on sourcing and placing skilled IT experts across various domains and specializations.

IT RPO Services

Quality Offshore IT RPO Service Provider 

If you are looking for the best offshore IT recruiting firm in India and don’t wish to spend a fortune, then you have come to the right place. We at Collar Search offer the best offshore IT RPO services at an affordable price, and the best part is our RPO services in India are backed by the latest technology and result-oriented methodologies. We have been in offshore IT recruitment outsourcing services for many years now, and we can help you solve your offshore IT recruitment needs without any hassle. By taking advantage of our HRMS technology and by assigning seasoned IT recruiters, we can provide you with the best workforce. Choose us as your IT recruiting agency in India and witness the wonders of working with professional RPO service providers.

By choosing Collar Search as your offshore IT recruitment services agency, you can gain a competitive advantage over other players in your industry while getting the global level workforce for meeting your business needs.

Our Principle: Building A Smarter Workforce Through Quality Hires

Those days are long gone when you need to take a shot at each and every service alone. If your hands are tight and if you don’t have the experience of designing and implementing a result-driven recruitment process, then it’s the right time to work with a reputed offshore IT RPO services company like Collar Search. With IT becoming an inseparable part of each and every type of business, it has become very necessary to work with the right IT professionals, and this is where Collar Search’s world-class offshore IT recruitment outsourcing services come into the picture.

We don’t just fill the vacant positions in your company, but we make sure that the candidate forwarded by us can contribute towards the growth of your organization and play a key role in the company’s development. We are not just an offshore IT RPO service provider, but we are a medium of growth for many businesses from different industries, including logistics RPO services, healthcare RPO services, manufacturing RPO services and engineering RPO services.


Benefits Of Hiring Offshore IT RPO Company

  • Attract better talent from the IT industry and reduce time-to-hire so that you can maintain your business continuity by working with a reputed offshore IT RPO company.
  • Free up your internal resources and allow them to work on other important tasks while your business thrives on a result-driven recruitment process.
  • Achieve a lower cost per hire and get a competitive advantage over other players.

Achieve lower cost per hire and get a competitive advantage over other players. Building a smarter workforce through quality hires

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

We have a complete team of dedicated recruiting professionals that will solve the offshore IT recruitment requirement of your company in the most simplified way possible. Our team of experts has IT recruitment experience for many years.

Technology Driven RPO

Technology Driven RPO

Our result-driven offshore IT RPO services, powered by cutting-edge technology recruitment solutions, facilitate seamless communication and effective collaboration. Our passion for utilizing the latest technology ensures the delivery of top-notch offshore IT RPO services.



By choosing the offshore IT RPO services from us, you can continue to race ahead in the competition as you will get access to the most profitable recruitment solution that will come along with very quick turnaround time.

Innovating Sourcing Strategies

Innovating Sourcing Strategies

We believe in innovation, and that’s why we are committed to offering innovative sourcing strategies that come along with different ways of measuring success and keeping tabs on each stage of the recruitment process.

IT RPO Services


  • Flexible and scalable RPO services that fit like a glove in your needs.
  • Partner with some of the most trusted brands in both Canada and the USA
  • Competitive pricing that makes RPO service economical and cost-effective
  • Help in attracting and acquiring the best talent from the industry

IT RPO Services

On-Demand Offshore IT RPO Services

Recruiters On Demandicon

Collar Search provides recruiters on-demand service for organizations that wish to expand their workforce but do not have the right resource to find and hire them. We will provide recruiters specializing and holding experience in different industries.

Contract Recruitment icon

Collar Search provides contractual recruitment solutions for when an organization, big or small, requires skilled candidates for a set period of time. We make sure you pay the contract workforce that has the skill set you are looking for that particular job.

Contract to Hire Recruitmenticon

Collar Search specializes in on-demand recruiting services, providing assistance in sourcing and recruiting candidates that you can engage for hiring if you find them suitable for the position and your organization.

Project-Based Recruitmenticon

Different projects require different specialists, technicians, skills, expertise to ensure productivity and efficiency. Collar Search will assist you in hiring project-based staff for businesses across industry and different scales with a cost-effective strategy.

Permanent Recruitment icon

You need a permanent staff that is loyal, ensures a high retention rate, and boosts productivity. Collar Search proffers quality permanent individual, team recruitment solutions for businesses looking for offshore IT solutions.

Executive Recruitment icon

An offshore executive should be able to efficiently manage and ensure productivity from the offshore IT team. Collar Search provides executive recruitment solutions that bridge the communication gap, assures easy integration, and streamlines the entire process.

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  • What are the advantages of preferring offshore IT RPO services over in-house recruitment?

    First of all, you will be able to save money that is usually spent on full-time HR professionals and the recruitment process. In addition to this, you will also get access to the best technology and result-driven methodologies that are not possible with in-house recruitment. On top of all this, you will be able to speed up the recruitment process without compromising on the quality of hires.

  • Which type of company can go for offshore IT RPO services?

    Offshore IT RPO services offered by Collar Search is not limited to any particular type of business. You should know that businesses of all sizes, types, and locations can choose our world-class offshore IT RPO services without any second thoughts.

  • Which technology do you prefer?

    Our expert recruiters are trained to work on each and every type of technology, and they will be able to work with the technology being used by your business without any hitches.

  • How many hours will the expert recruiters work?

    The working hours of our expert recruiters will totally depend on your needs and requirements. In addition to the needs, your industry, job role, number of vacant positions that need to be filled will also play a major role in working hours.