Business Model

At Collar Search, we have come up with a unique business model that is sure to suffice your ever changing requirement.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) process is more than just simply outsourcing the entire process. As a matter of fact, it is all about determining, helping deliver as well as measuring the success that the talent brings on board that would impact your existing business in a considerable way.

Our offshore recruitment scouts at global centers involves:

  • Highly innovative solutions
  • Deploy high volumes of requirements
  • efficient and compatible support for the high priority clients and requirement
  • cost-effective solution for a unique and diverse teams through our team of:
    a)Recruiting Leads b) Offshore Sourcing Specialists c) QC
  • customized and tailored team size.

Our business model and RPO techniques also encompass a huge spectrum of services that is delivered by our professional team. This would include:

  • creating strategies around the recruitment process
  • assessing any possible risks
  • creating hiring plans
  • technology evaluation
  • audit processes.
  • incorporating customized solutions for change management
  • management of vendor, and other key metrics.

In short, it encompasses all prime major elements that you need to be able to acquire the best talent available in the market

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“Totally professional! I loved the each minute I spent with the team. Their style is unique, especially their performance and results, so effortless. Thanks to them, my recruiting problems are now solved. Would recommend people to consult collar search for recruitment concerns.”

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