About us

About us

Collar Search is a leading HR outsourcing agency that simplifies human capital management for businesses. With experienced HR professionals and cutting-edge technology, we offer tailored solutions across industries. What sets us apart is our commitment to exceptional service and building strong partnerships. We align our services with your organizational goals and values. Our dedicated support team ensures a hassle-free experience.

Collar Search is a global trendsetter in the Offshore Staffing and Recruitment Industry. We offer a wide range of customized strategies that help organizations in enhancing their workforce and take on any kind of business challenge. Our team has the complete efficiency to help you address specific workforce needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With our global expertise and experience in the field of talent acquisition, our clients consider us as a number one choice for talent hire. We offer innovative sourcing strategies, global processes and competency models topped up with unique ways of measuring success and optimizing business impact.
We have a rich history of helping clients tap the right kind of pool of professionals for a specific job or project. Since, we are strategically located in India so we can offer a wide range of professionals who can take on any challenge with ease. As an end result you save on costs, time and efforts and are also able to leverage your business to the next level.

Why Collar Search?


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Access to all Major Job Boards


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  • We value our relationships with our clients
  • We have extensive experience across a variety of industries and domains
  • We have hired only but the best recruitment executives to acquire talent
  • We offer cost-effective solutions to match your budget and specific needs
  • We adhere to set quality standards and other parameters to be able to deliver best in class hiring

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Collar Search is a brand of JSB Staffing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

    When an organization outsources either a part of their entire recruitment process like sourcing, screening, evaluation to a service provider, that is RPO. With Collar Search, you can outsource either a from staffing to HRMS services. We assure you to only place the most suitable candidate for your organization using global recruitment technology and standards.

  • What are the benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment?

    By outsourcing recruitment processes to Collar Search, you will:

    • Best fit: Find the cream of the crop in the aggressively competitive talent market

    • Save Time: Let experts take care of recruitment processes while you devote time to focus on core objectives

    • Save Money: No more wastage of money with industry experts meticulously utilizing resources and money on delivering results.

    • Scalability: An RPO services can be geared according to the need of the organization, which are not easy to forecast.

    • Speed/Hire Ratio: RPO ensures a quick and efficient hiring process.

  • How is Collar Search different than a recruitment agency?

    Every process that you outsource from Collar Search is devised, planned, and executed, keeping the international recruitment and staffing protocols as a foundation. We come with a decade of experience in helping organizations of all scale to find the most suitable candidate. Aside from those mentioned above, with Collar Search, you not only seal a business deal but develop a strategic relationship like the several leading brands in the USA and Canada who trust us for our result-driven performance.

  • How does your RPO team ensure a great candidate experience?

    We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who are periodically trained on the latest tools and technology to ensure they help businesses across industries stay ahead of the curve by finding and placing the best fit in this competitive market.

  • Who can source RPO Services?

    The business of all scale- conglomerates, corporations, SMEs, and across industrial vertical- healthcare, IT, offshore companies can outsource either a few critical aspects of RPO or the entire department, depending on their needs and budget.

  • How many hours do dedicated RPO experts work?

    A dedicated RPO expert will work depending on your recruitment requirements- wherein the industry, designation you are hiring for, and other such factors need to be taken into consideration. Take, for example-hiring for C-Suite executives needs a different strategy and C-suite hiring personnel to execute the plan effectively for a desirable outcome.

  • What is Offshore Recruitment?

    Offshore recruitment, is a type of business process in which exporting some line of work from developed countries to areas of the world which have political stability and lower labor cost. Recruitment is an arrangement in which one company recruits new employees for a better easy flow of the work or hires subsidiary for the same. In simple terms, offshore means another country which is not your own.

  • How does your Offshore Recruitment Team would be beneficial for us?

    The company can avail various benefits of offshoring when they relocate their operations to overseas locations. The following are the major benefits of offshoring recruitment.

    • Lower labor cost

      Offshoring will make a good business practice for the business owners in developed countries. If offshore workers can do the same type of work as their counterparts for much lower labor cost. This is especially helpful for the labor-intensive business, where reduce labor costs can increase the revenue and maximizing the income.

    • Tax benefits and financial incentives

      Many developing countries/destination offers easy taxation policies, financial incentives, and easy business regulations to attract direct foreign investment and increase industrial growth in their home country. Such type of facilities make it easier for companies to relocate to offshoring destination.

    • 24/7 operation

      Opting for offshoring recruitment services companies can cover the different time zones around the globe. By the end of the day, teams can handover the leftover overwork to other teams present on other parts of the world, this allows the company to work day and night until the project is finished.

    • Availability of skilled labor

      Offshoring locations such as the Philippines and India have a vast variety of skilled labor as compared to the USA and UK at lower cost. This allows the companies to pick the best-talented people who are well proficient in the English language and skills that demands in the market.

  • How effective is the communication skills of your team?

    The offshore recruitment teams comprise of well versed, capable, determined, and skilled members who are hand-picked by our professionals. The teams are thoroughly trained and possess the required communication skills which make them ready to be deployed at the clients place based on their needs and requirements.

  • What is the total experience of your offshore recruiting team?

    Collar Search has been in business since 2008. Our offshore recruiting team is well versed and have years of experience in providing satisfying services to each of the client based on the requirements raised.

  • How do I stay in touch with my dedicated offshore recruitment process team?

    We at collar search, provide your offshore recruited team with a state of the art office infrastructure and advance communication devices so that you will not face any hamper in your work process. You can communicate with them through phones, online connections or any other connectivity method.

  • How would I ensure that the best experts are offered to me?

    Our team at collar search is highly skilled and qualified sourcers, business development managers and job search agents. They all are proficient in the major international languages such as US English and UK English. You can interview or shortlist the recruitment resources by yourself and thereby make your offshore team who will work with your onsite team. You can choose yourself the most appropriate and easy to work with resources for your job.

  • How is Collar Search offshore recruitment different from other recruitment firms?

    Collar search has a team of experts that provides 24/7 offshore recruitment services to the business of any type globally and allowing you to quickly respond to fluctuation in the market.

    We offer impeccable range of recruitment services. But more than that, we can absorb the recruitment process of IT offshoring, HR outsourcing, and healthcare staffing services. Collar search experts offer you an offshore recruitment solution to help to optimize your workforce, reduce the operational cost and risk and allows you to focus on your core skills.

  • What is HRMS?

    HRMS is a software that combines human resource management and information technology. HRMS helps to automate the human resource process and allows you to focus on the other impactful areas.

  • What are the benefits of HRMS?

    HRMS provides the benefits for both the employees are an employer in the ways mentioned below:

    Accelerate the recruitment process: Manually handling and going through all the resumes can be tedious work to handle and can cost time and money. HRMS software can easily look for the keywords and sort the candidates accordingly and make the screening process easy going.

    Monitoring KPI: Keeping a tap on performance indicators is a way to achieve specific goals in an organization. With the help of HRMS software, you can track down results and can figure out steps that should be taken to achieve a certain goal.

    Automated daily workflow: Daily workflow when monitor by an automated HRMS system, reduces the waste of human resources and helps in better employee management. Apart from this HRMS system can interact with the employees and can record and monitor every detail function.

  • What does HRMS stand for?

    HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System.

  • How secure is HRMS software?

    HRMS software contains highly sensitive data therefore security is the topmost concern while opting for the HRMS software. Collar search provides HRMS tech with the full encrypts data through SSL technology which is easier to update over the internet.

  • Would it be a good idea to consider HRMS Software?

    In today’s world, HR functionality is shifting towards automation and data analytics and everything is powered by the right information at the right time. HRMS software helps you to track down the real-time data across HR functions which includes leaves, attendance, payroll for instance. Apart from managing the data HRMS make the reporting process easier as well and offers a great employee engagement which helps them to track their data that result in better management.

  • What level of support does Collar Search provide for Personal Data Management?

    Collar search provides you with a team of elite recruiters and technology that will help you to access the personal data of your employees anytime you want through HRMS software. In addition to easy accessibility, 24/7 support irrespective of your timezone.

  • What key features should I look for in an HRMS?

    In addition to HR functionality, a robust HRMS tool should have the following features:

    • Centralized admin system
    • Sophisticated mobile functionalities
    • Cloud-based documentation
    • Real-time analytics
    • Role-based access and collaboration
    • Agile integrations
    • Employee self-service option
    • Data security and audit log
  • Why should I choose staffing services?

    Staffing services help to release the pressure of finding and hiring expertise from the pool of highly talented people. Staffing firms can be extremely effective in a recruitment process within a restricted time frame and in a cost-effective way. They help to select the niche talent according to your needs and suggest a list of final candidates that can be interviewed by the respective company for the final check.

  • What kinds of services do staffing companies offer?

    A wide array of services have been offered by staffing companies which include temporary and contract-based staffing, permanent placements, offshoring recruitment and provide you with HRMS technology as well.

  • What is the benefit of working with a staffing service agency?

    Working with a staffing service agency can bear a fruitful result in your recruitment process. Some of the benefits of working with a staffing service are:

    • Guidance in forming your hiring strategy: How many employees do you need to add to your team to achieve a specific goal by next year? Should you hire a contract based or a permanent employee? What kind of skills and personality traits you will need a specific position. Get the answers to these questions or regulate your hiring process before time with the staffing service agency.

    • Choose from a wider pool of qualified candidates: One of the benefits of a staffing agency is its access to a wide pool of skilled candidates. High-quality staffing agency attracts the top tier candidate around the region and constantly working to expand their horizon.

    • Focus on your expertise: You can use your time to excel more in your business field when you hire a staffing agency that will take care of hiring tasks like posting a job opening, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, initial round interviews and many more to come.

  • How do I apply for staffing services?

    You can simply fill out a short application form and send it to us and let us find the candidate of your choice or a job that suits your skill sets. Or you can simply contact us through our website.

    Your pick way. It is that simple, honestly.

  • What is the function of payroll companies?

    A payroll company takes care of all the payroll-related functions of your organization. They handle everything from taxes to attendance and basically everything that the process of payroll entails. They ensure accuracy and efficiency in their workings by allowing the organization to focus on their employees and other core operations. They make use of payroll software and other technologies to actively manage your data and payroll finances. They also streamline your budgeting and undertake the maintenance of records and journals.

  • What will be the benefits of payroll management?

    Saves time

    Employee salary management at larger levels can prove to be very challenging for in-house departments as they already have their plates full. Associating with payroll management service providers will allow you to save a lot of time in terms of processing and also increase the efficiency of your employees by enabling them to focus on priority duties.

    Low error ratio

    Since payroll management service providers have expert executives dealing with payment processing as their forte, the scope of error dies down. If compared to an employee with other duties to perform, our executives are able to solely dedicate their minds to getting the tasks done, whereas, an in-house employee may do it with his thoughts scattered.

    Simplifies payroll process

    Payroll management service providers use tracking software to facilitate transactions. These software or management systems are capable of calculating salaries, incentives, deductions, taxes, and much more. All you have to do is provide us with the credentials and we will incorporate that into our system to streamline your activities.

    Technological advantages

    Collar Search offers superior technology to facilitate your activities in line with your requirements. Our payroll management system is an extremely simple and powerful tool that reduces the time taken by such activities to a bare minimum. And since the calculations are performed by the system automatically, there are close to zero chances of error.


    Employee salary management at larger levels can prove to be very challenging for in-house departments as they already have their plates full. Associating with payroll management service providers will allow you to save a lot of time in terms of processing and also increase the efficiency of your employees by enabling them to focus on priority duties.


    Collar Search ensures discretion with their services and maintains the confidentiality of documents. Our system is extremely secure and requires proper authentication for access at all times.

  • What kind of organizations use payroll software?

    Any kind of organization can use payroll management services and software regardless of its size and domain. The services are complementary to all business and organizational styles and are highly customizable for a personalized view and management.

  • Is there a specific size of the workforce required to enlist payroll services?

    No, there is no cap on the fact that payroll management services and software can be used for firms of all sizes and domains. You can even use it if you have an employee base of 10, 1000, or more.

  • Does payroll management help with income tax?

    Yes, payroll management services offered by Collar Search allows its employees to submit their income tax forms and formulate them in accordance with the guidelines. Our seasoned executives will also connect with employees and let them know of every detail in line with the same.

  • What is HR Outsourcing?

    It refers to a process wherein the activities of the human resource of an organization are outsourced so as to focus on the organization’s core competencies. The expert staff is capable of providing the right candidate for the job under the signed agreement.

  • What HR Outsourcing Services do you offer?

    Our HR outsourcing services cover all segments such as recruitment, Visa & Payroll, Time and attendance, talent management, benefit administration. All of them are minced as detailed division of support.

  • Why should I outsource my HR functions to Collar Search?

    Collar Search handles the burden of HR management so you can focus on growing your business. We provide comprehensive management services through – effective methods of recruiting and selection processes, policy development & management, classification and pay systems, and employee training and development programs.

  • Why would I outsource rather than hiring someone internally?

    This is a common question. HR Outsourcing facilitates Headcount Reduction and disarray issues, Reduce the cost and improve Production, Limited Visa Quota Issues, Prime Core business development, Outlined Talent Acquisition, authorized and Licensed to provide candidates in your workplace, and assured world-class, czar of standards.

  • Is HR Outsourcing cheaper?

    There are lots of variables that go into determining the cost. Every relationship with the client is unique, therefore the pricing schedule also differs based on your exact needs. We’ll walk you through our proposal, break down the costs and make sure it is within your budget.

  • What types of services comes under HR Outsourcing?

    Whether partially or completely outsourcing, the impeccable range of HR outsourcing services we specialize in, includes:

    • Background Screening
    • Payroll Services
    • Risk Management
    • Temporary Staffing
    • Employee Assistance/Counseling
    • Health Care Benefits
    • Retirement Planning
    • Performance Management
    • Drug Screening
  • What are the procedures to adopt HR outsourcing service?

    The process is very simple.

    1) You can communicate your requirements to us.

    2) Signing on the Written Agreement for the contract of staff.

  • How do I choose the right HR outsourcing services for my business?

    We, at Collar Search have relationships with the best and skilled candidates throughout the country. We specialize in matching companies with the right human resources solutions provider based on your industry, preferences, geographic location and more. Choosing the right HR outsourcing services is a big decision for your company, let us help you make the right decision the first time! Contact us today.

  • How does HR outsourcing work?

    When you outsource your Human Resource work, your employees get access to online payroll vacations, anniversaries, and so on. This, in turn, builds trust and confidence on the part of the employers. Our team of experts is well versed in guiding the employee’s to excel in their professional graph.

  • Why should we associate with a business development provider?

    If your business is important to you and you wish to see it scale but are not able to put in the countless hours it requires to develop competent business development strategies or are financially not able to establish a team required to fulfill your requirements, you should associate with a business development provider like Collar Search. We realize the value of your business and work our best to cultivate it and increase its scalability. Our efforts are solely dedicated to fulfilling your organization’s development and growth goals.

    Collar Search specializes in building competent teams to suit your business needs. We will facilitate your requirements and establish a team of executives with an operational and functional knowledge of your industry or domain. Our focused executives will carry out each function with the utmost focus and work towards growing your bottom line.

  • How do you assure quality?

    Our business development executives are experienced individuals who are adept at generating quality leads. We deploy various analytical tools and strategies to create a pathway for your prospective clients and have them walk it down. Once a client of a business prospect is through to the end, our business development executives will filter out the ones that are in line with the quality standards set by them per your needs. They will also conduct market research and filter out prospects that will lead them to qualified leads and lay extra focus on converting such prospects.

    Collar Search offers best in class business development services for all domains and industries with experts that are adept at handling any management and sales workflow. Our approach towards building your business is formed well in line with your requirements and is constantly reported upon to help you measure the effectiveness of our work.

  • Will we be involved in the process?

    Yes, you will be involved in each step down the road. Our team lead will be in constant touch with the contact person from your organization and provide regular updates regarding each project. He will also take note of your feedback and communicate the same to the teams to work as per your requirements. Every strategy that will be deployed to help scale your business will first be vetted by you and only then will it be cultivated.

  • What effect will it have on our market value?

    We are very well aware of a business’s need to establish a market value and guarantee our clients a place in the spotlight with our efficient and effective strategies. We conduct detailed market research and suggest strategies that will help you up the value in the market and industry.

  • Do you ensure confidentiality?

    Yes, we ensure the utmost confidentiality and discreetness in our services and ensure the safety of your business’s data and strategies. We have proper documents in place to ensure that your business’s security will never be compromised.

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