Logistics Staffing Services

To guarantee smooth operations in your logistics framework, you need a competent team of specialists. Our Logistics Staffing Services are excellent in this regard. Our specialty is putting you in touch with elite applicants who are skilled in logistics management and warehouse operations. Being a top logistics employment firm, we are aware of how important having qualified candidates is to supply chain optimization. Whether you need logistics professionals or warehouse people, our customized solutions guarantee that you are paired with individuals who have the specific experience and industry knowledge you want.

Logistics Staffing Services

Excellent Logistic Staffing Services In India

With unmatched knowledge and support, Collar Search is the best option when it comes to warehouse staffing agencies. Our dedication to quality guarantees that we will not only meet but also surpass your demands for warehouse staffing. We are the go-to warehouse staffing agency near me for companies looking to hire top personnel because of our worldwide reach and local presence.

Our all-inclusive logistics staffing solutions with a broad spectrum of positions, from logistics managers to warehouse workers. Being a top logistics recruitment agency, we are experts in connecting qualified people with appropriate jobs, including international logistics positions.

Collar Search stands apart in a time when logistic staffing outsourcing is becoming more popular because to its proven track record of performance. Companies all around India have personally witnessed the advantages of working with an established logistics staffing company like us. We are the brand you can rely for great service and outcomes, whether you're looking for warehouse temp agencies or logistics recruiting companies.

At Collar Search, we use our experienced and dedicated recruiting team to cater to the logistics staffing needs of businesses of different scales. We are one of the most experienced outsourced logistic staffing firms in India, and all the staffing professionals working in our team have 4+ years of experience in logistics recruitment. Thus, we provide unmatchable logistic staffing services all across India.

Our Principle: Ensuring Placements That Add To The Productivity Of The Organization

The logistics industry in India has witnessed dramatic growth in the last couple of years, and that has increased the demand for logistics candidates. But even with high growth in the logistics industry, finding the right candidate is not tough, especially if you are running a small or medium-sized business. Some businesses are not able to bear the cost of the complete recruitment cycle, while others lack expertise. But by choosing Collar Search, you can get rid of all the glitches that come along with logistic staffing and get the right candidate for your firm.

Collar Search believes in growing with its client, and that’s why our real success lies in improving our client’s business and enhancing their workforce through our professional logistic staffing agency. Whether you want on a roll or an off roll logistic talent, or you need logistics candidates for short term or long term, we encompass all. Hence, making us the most trusted outsource logistics staffing company in India.


Benefits Of Hiring A Logistics Staffing Agency

  • Gain the strategic advantage by simply choosing a trusted logistic staffing agency instead of keeping recruitment in-house. Employ better candidates by utilizing minimum resources.
  • Mitigate the risk of wrong hiring and achieve excellence with your recruitment process by choosing a trusted logistic staffing services agency.
  • Get a quality workforce without breaking the banks and without making the life of your HR team difficult by choosing Collar Search as your offshore logistics staffing agency.

Get quality manpower without breaking the banks and without making the life of your HR team difficult by choosing Collar Search as your offshore logistics staffing agency.

Best Screening Process

Best Screening Process

By using our long experience in the logistic staffing agency and by using our skills, we have built the best screening process that lets us filter the best candidates from the available pool and provide only the cream of the crops for your company. We use the best technologies and methodologies in our screening process.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We have a very good record of meeting the demand on time, and that’s why clients keep coming back to us for their logistics staffing needs. We decide a timeline and then strictly follow it throughout the recruitment process.

Innovative Approach

Innovative Approach

We believe in innovation towards the existing pattern of work, and that’s why we stand out from the crowd. We always use new methods of filling the gap between the companies and the candidates.

Diligent Officials

Diligent Officials

We have a team of diligent officials who have 4+ years of experience in logistic recruitment, and they are passionate about providing the right logistic candidate to all our clients. Our recruitment experts will allow you to build a powerful manpower base in your company.

Logistics Staffing Services


  • A dedicated team for both onsite and offsite support
  • Take time to evaluate your needs ingrain ourselves in the culture of your company
  • Rich experience of executing large RPO projects
  • Tried and tested recruitment process gives you a more focused recruitment strategy

Logistics Staffing Services

One-Stop Solution for All Your Engineering RPO Needs

Account Executives Staffing icon

Account Executives need to be adept in creating, maintaining, and securing data logs with accuracy, so that they are readily available as and when needed. Collar Search will help you find qualified and trained account executives to manage all the databases efficiently.

Logistics Manager Staffing icon

Collar Search holds expertise in having hired and placed trained and experienced logistics managers who will contribute to streamlining the loading, transportation, and management of the consignments.

Freight Agent Staffing icon

Freight agents need to make sure that the consignments supplied and delivered are in the best shape and of the utmost quality. Collar Search will assist you in sourcing, screening, and hiring of warehouse staffing that guarantee both in a cost-effective manner.

Branch Managers Staffing icon

Collar Search branch manager staffing solutions assure sourcing and screening of the candidates that can strengthen the operation and efficiency of employees with strategic thinking and practical expertise.

Transborder Supervisor Staffing icon

Cross border managers need to have the knowledge and expertise of standards and protocols followed across the border they are posted. This requires experience which Collar Search transborder supervisors are equipped with.

Supply Chain Manager Staffing icon

A supply chain manager needs to be technically adept, have strong cost accounting skills, a problem solver with the understanding of global issues, and business ethics. Collar Search warehouse staffing agency ensure you find the right supply chain manager for your freight company.

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  • What is the logistics staffing service?

    When a third party company helps a business in finding the right logistic candidate through its recruitment process laid down and implemented by recruitment experts, then this type of service is known as logistic staffing service. Collar Search provides ultimate logistic staffing services as it is the most trusted outsource logistics staffing company in India.

  • Will I lose control over recruitment if I choose a logistics staffing agency?

    No, even after choosing Collar Search as your logistics staffing company, you will have complete control over every stage of the recruitment. From the screening process to the final say, you will be the one approving every step of recruitment.

  • Do you have experience recruiting in my industry?

    We have been building a smart workforce in business related to the logistics industry for a very long time, and that’s why you don’t have to worry about your specific logistic recruitment needs. Even our recruiters are well versed in the logistics industry and its needs.

  • Does logistic staffing guarantee cost-saving?

    There is nothing guaranteed when it comes to cost-saving, but if you compare logistic staffing services with in-house recruitment, then you will surely find our services to be more pocket-friendly.