Engineering RPO Services

We specialize in sourcing top engineering talent across various disciplines. We leverage our expertise and resources to identify skilled engineers who match the specific technical skills and cultural fit needed for your organization.

Engineering RPO Services

Leading Engineering Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services Provider in India

Collar Search is undoubtedly one of the most reputed and trusted engineering recruiting firms in India, offering unmatchable engineering RPO services for many years. The business world is constantly demanding good engineering talent, which is why we at Collar Search have the right resources and methodologies to help you with your recruitment process and find the right candidates for your company. We offer comprehensive engineering RPO service, and that’s why we act as a one-stop-shop for all your engineering RPO needs.

With the best track record in the industry, and 100% customer satisfaction, we have built a name in the engineering recruitment services agency field. Our commitment to excellence has made us the go-to partner for RPO services India. Choose Collar Search as your Engineering recruitment services agency partner and allow your business to flourish with the right set of talent.

Our Principle: Assisting Organization In Finding The Right Talent!

Recruiting the right candidate for your firm is not just about posting job requirements, candidate sourcing, conducting interviews, and then hiring the person. There are many things involved in an effective and efficient recruitment process. From the budget, design of the recruitment process to analyzing the job position requirement, there are many things that you need to consider to make a recruitment process successful. Well, with all these challenges, outsourcing engineering recruitment seems to be the best option. Our team provides Logistics RPO Services, ensuring a streamlined recruitment process that meets your business needs.

Our mission is to grow with our clients, and that’s why we never compromise with the quality of our engineering RPO services. Our team of expert recruiters acts like an extension of your company. Before beginning the recruitment process, our seasoned professionals will conduct a proper analysis of the position. We always focus on finding a qualified person for the right job while offering Flexible RPO Solutions and making recruitment cost-effective for your business.


Benefits Of Hiring An Engineering RPO Firm?

  • Keep your pool of talent full and work with the best engineers from the industry without going through the hassle of recruitment.
  • Save money on keeping a full-time HR team and fuel the recruitment process with access to the best tools and methodologies.
  • Enhance the productivity and efficiency of the organization by gaining the best engineering talent from the industry.
  • Implement cost-efficient, practical, and effective recruitment outsourcing techniques.

Collar Search will make sure that your organization always has a talent pool of qualified candidates at their disposal as and when needed by implementing cost-efficient, practical and effective recruitment outsourcing techniques.

Customized Service

Customized Service

We know that the recruitment needs of every business is different and that’s why we offer customized engineering RPO services so that we can fulfill your needs with accuracy.You can opt for a highly tailored on-demand recruiting solution with technology recruitment solutions to ensure that our service aligns perfectly with your unique needs. You will get the option of customizing our RPO services at each stage and make it fit according to your needs.

Domain Expertise Recruiters

Domain Expertise Recruiters

We never follow the one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why for different RPO services, we assigned recruiters with diverse domain expertise. Our team providing engineering RPO services has more than four years of recruiting experience, specifically in the engineering industry.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced cloud-based technology to keep our recruitment process efficient with seamless communication and collaboration. We are always on the hunt for using the best technology for improving our engineering RPO service.



Our engineering RPO services are adjustable so that you can easily scale up or scale down or scale up resources as per the need of the project, and that’s what makes us the best engineering recruitment outsourcing company in India.

Engineering RPO Services


  • A dedicated team for both onsite and offsite support
  • Take time to evaluate your needs ingrain ourselves in the culture of your company
  • Rich experience of executing large RPO projects
  • Tried and tested recruitment process gives you a more focused recruitment strategy

Engineering RPO Services

One-Stop Solution for All Your Engineering RPO Needs

End-to-End Engineering RPO icon

From sourcing to screening to onboarding, Collar Search provides end to end engineering RPO solutions to the organization, big and small, across different industry verticals. We provide solutions that guarantee productivity and efficiency with optimized utilization of resources.

Project-Based Engineering RPO icon

Every project requires a different engineering specialist. Having worked with engineers across different divisions, with our networking, Collar Search provides project-based engineering RPO solutions with a cost-effective strategy.

Resource-Based Engineering RPO icon

We provide an RPO solution that ensures optimal usage of resources defined by time and estimate. Collar Search resource-based engineering RPO solutions ensure project development and diversification in a cost-effective manner.

On-Demand Engineering RPO icon

Certain companies require temporary engineering staff for a specific project in a short span of time. Collar Search provides such adept on-demand engineering RPO solutions without compromising on the quality of talent pool and delaying hiring time. Whether you need Healthcare RPO Services or manufacturing RPO services, our on-demand solutions are designed to meet your specific needs efficiently.

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  • What is engineering RPO?

    Engineering Recruitment Process Outsourcing is where all parts of recruitment activities are entirely outsourced to an external RPO expert. This might act as a stand-alone service or an extended part of your HR department that works on providing you with the right engineering professionals by designing a tried and tested recruitment process.

  • What are the benefits of choosing engineering RPO?

    If you choose engineering RPO instead of keeping the recruitment process in-house, then you will get a plethora of benefits like scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, professional recruitment process, improved access to the skills you need and much more.

  • Can I make the engineering RPO company work along with my in-house HR team?

    Yes, if you are looking forward to having collaboration between your in-house HR team and the RPO company you are going to hire, then you can go for it without any hitches. You should know that with such an approach, the engineering RPO company will act as an extended part of your company, and it will try to streamline the practices of your in-house HR team with their expertise and experience.

  • How is Collar Search different from other engineering RPO companies?

    Collar Search has been providing world-class engineering RPO services for a very long time, and we can stand out from the crowd with our 100% client satisfaction and premium quality RPO services. Our customized services help us to fulfill the specific recruitment needs of businesses from different industry domains. You can trust us as your engineering recruitment outsourcing service partner without any second thoughts, and we will never let you down.