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Swifter and Resourceful Challenges – The Mantras for Efficacious Corporate Recruitment

January 09,2015

To be able to recruit better, swifter, and of course more efficaciously, the fraternity of recruiters from their part do need the erudite resourcefulness to genuinely take stock of a candidate’s skill set and besides the dynamics as well as aspects that goes on serve as their mono before they are even brought on-board the action team.

Cleaving a foray in the challenges that gives candidates a melange of real-life tasks or projects is a great way to reveal this information. Challenges are instrumental in offering a candidate the chance to do real work and prove their core competency as well as set of skills in their relevant trade area. These however may range from the task of developing a brief pitch on how to sell a piece of equipment or for that matter designing a company advertisement, challenges from their part lend candidates the golden opportunity to showcase and highlight dynamics that tends to read in the order as, viz, skills, followed by motivation, and even answers to the question as to how they will synchronise within the matrix of the company’s prevalent culture.

Whatsoever be the type of challenge you happen to cherry – pick for your recruiting endeavours, it should vividly reflect the candidate’s set of abilities to be able to perform for the type of position you are hiring.

Harmless stands the subscription to these ways with regard to recruiting expertly and swifter by incorporating challenges:

Take Stock of the said candidate’s passion as well as collaboration courtesy, a real-life situation:

A keen and expert look on the very work the said candidate or candidates submit can go on to tell a whole lot as regards their true blue passion towards their relevant craft and industry. Observing how they interact and socialise with that of others in the challenges set can also tell you how they will perform in the wake of high-pressure situations and how they may interact with that of fellow colleagues and co workers.

Needless to say that this indeed stands as a brilliant idea to boost up the candidates as regards interacting with each other. Just try and consider a challenge that involves some considerable amount of collaboration. This can actually go on tell a colossal deal as regards what role essaying each candidate inevitably fits into and who would sync harmonious within the company’s matrix.

Lift the curtain and highlight it up to the public:

To be able to actually bring challenges to the very next level, open up the very work that candidates submit to the public and facilitate them to give feedback. Go Figure! You can also lend candidates with the option to actually share their body of work by opening it up (for some legit brownie points) with regard to their social networks.

What is more? This will actually enable you to see as to how the candidate’s work reverberates with regard to the public. Also it will go on to show as to how the candidate can actually handle Bouquets as well as Brickbats from the people they are not familiar with.

Make the whole act brim with fun and the aspect of being interactive:

The trend of Gamification has snowballed and emerged as popular over the years. Even though, in the passage of time it may have lost some amount of its hype in the space of mainstream media, the concept still stands contextual as well as relevant for the contemporary era’s younger, incoming workforce.

In order to integrate this concept into your set of challenges, brain-shower and try and make them level-based, akin to a game. As candidates happen to finish each level, the challenge at hand sheds more light and insight into their body of work habits and set of skills, and in turn allows them to work their way towards that of an in-person interview.

The significant aspect about the recruiting approach is that it resonates with the very soon-to-be largest group in the workforce. The jet set generation has come of age braced with consistent advances cleaved in technology and in the backdrop of companies continuously striving for increased innovation coupled with creativity. The writing on the wall for now reads that implementing a recruiting strategy braced with challenges not only helps to hire and recruit better, swifter, and more efficaciously, but then again it also goes on to connect with this comparatively younger demographic on an extended, personal as well genuinely engaging level.

Bringing forth challenges to the table can actually help make your company look a wee tad bit more appealing to the cream of talent and impacts for the better the whole recruiting process at hand. Indulging in brainstorming and trying to think outside of the obsolete box for fresh and innovative recruiting strategies — un-putdownably stands as the paramount way to hire swifter and better sans bottlenecks, deadlines coupled with time constraints.