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Time To Rethink Campus Recruitment

April 20,2023

The young generation characteristically has aspiration and determination to grow in their profession. Education and training is an important factor to the development of young minds. It improves learning, promotes self-confidence and empowers the sense of independence in the youngsters. These skills are necessary for their growth in personal and professional space. However, these skills cannot be put in use without employment in an area of choice. A considerable employment opportunity is important to let these young buds flourish in economic and social prospects. Maybe this is the reason behind the mad rush for college placement among soon-to-be-graduates.

Students are not the only ones who are driven crazy in the recruitment months. The placement is a hectic time for campus recruiters as well. Though the entire process is highly organised and timed, it is always full of excitement, with candidates stressing to perform well. Most of all it is important for the recruiters because it is a golden opportunity for them to find the right workforce for their company.

The Process

The process usually starts early in the morning. After giving a brief about the company and the test, interested students are asked to give a written test. They are shortlisted according to their potential. Next round is time consuming as all the shortlisted students go through a personal interview. At times recruiter might even ask for another round which includes a task. Sometimes the entire process takes more than 15 hours and runs past midnight. To add on to it, recruiters usually need to travel to the campus and return within 36 hours as well. Do you see how hectic the entire schedule is?

Why It’s Time To Rethink The Process?

The conventional method of recruitment is outdated because of at least these reasons:

1. The process is unnecessarily lengthy without any sort of scientific approach which could ensure recruitment of better candidates.

2. Prevalent campus interview process doesn’t pay attention at the cultural fit, which gives a rise to the issue of retention rate.

3. The entire process is more of an attenuation rather than objective selection process.

4. It takes up a lot of time and cost both for the candidates and the recruiters.

This is the time when the recruiters look away from redundant ways to embrace new methods and technologies in order to get the best candidates from all over the country. Here are some of the ways that can make campus recruitment better:

Remote college recruitment

If we assume that all the smartest brains are sitting in the top universities of the country, then we are missing out on the prodigies who are yet to be found out. There are bright students in the other colleges and they might be just the right fit for your company’s culture. It will control the costs and time consumption as well.

Remote college recruitment needs the shortlisted candidates go to the company for the final round. It saves time and money, along with diversity in the talent pool as well.

Online assessment

To cut down on the expenses of going campus to campus for recruitment, more companies are opting for online screening process to objectively shortlist a candidate for the later stages of the recruitment. It is an admirable step towards better hiring. Online assessment screens the candidates objectively. That’s how companies select and hire the best candidate for themselves.

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