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3 things to look out for RPO in 2016

November 20,2015

With the emergence of Internet as a mass scale mean to reach out to people, the RPO industry has observed a major shift in its trends. 2015 was a booming year for the RPO, and 2016 is predicted to hold an even bigger market for this industry. This is mainly due to the advancement in technology and new ideas that employers have noticed. It is mainly like any other product or service; with time we get to know the correct and effective strategies that have to be undertaken. A simple process of trial and error over the years have helped competent RPO vendors to determine the effective ways by which accuracy and efficiency can be achieved to the fullest.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is fast gaining authority in the process of hiring, as it helps one determine the work quality of an employee right at the beginning, and not wait until the candidate has been hired. This helps in finding the right person for the job, and is the sole reason why the trend is shifting from referral programs and walk in hirings to RPO. All this has been observed after careful scrutinization over the years, and here are some trends which have risen up to the list of top 3;


Though many organizations are targeting the global offices for their recruitment process, many have realized that undiscovered talent exists locally. Even though it involves a well structured and complex plan, that’s exactly what RPO is there for. With the help of collective information over the past years, many reputed RPO vendors have tailored the best way to identify the right candidate for the job, and then retaining them. Locating and identifying the right candidate at a local level saves a lot of time and money for the employers, and a well established RPO vendor does just the same.


The use of mobile devices has increased significantly over the past couple of years, with more and more people using Internet on their tablets and mobile phones every year. The use of social media as a mean to generate employment has proven to be more effective in reaching out to people on a mass scale basis than older methods, mainly due to the fact that social media is a much more sophisticated way to present data and information for both employers and employees alike. This helps by creating a perfect match between the required skill set and the perfect candidate for the job. Social media serves as a direct link between the employers and employees, and filters the right applicants for the post offered. This year alone, one can observe that many applications have been developed and are in use, for the sole purpose of defining the correct job profile.


Through years of planning and research, RPO vendors have developed a well defined structure for making the filtration of applicants much more precise and accurate. It saves a lot of time and money, and also locates the best candidate for the job. This will be a strong trend in 2016 as most reputed RPOs have a well defined way of operating, and the results show.

RPO has many more trends going on, a lot of which will surface in the coming year. I found these three to be the most dominant trends that will be ongoing in 2016, as they showed a lot of promise in this year itself. RPO is an easy way, for both the employers and employees, to find the perfect match for themselves. Watch out for more latest trends which will be the most popular in 2016.