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3 ways you can improve your logistics recruitment process

February 05,2021

Similar to every other operation in a business/manufacturing unit, logistics, and supply chain management is essential for the organization. It directly affects the other aspects of the business. However, in the present scenario, it has become quite difficult to recruit suitable talent for the logistics department due to various reasons.

As per experts, we are right in the middle of a talent war in recruiting people for logistics and supply chain management. The current transportation industry is working with inadequacy in both quantity and quality with regards to talent, knowledge, willingness, etc.

There are various reasons as to why there is such a scare for qualified people in the transportation industry in companies of all sizes from all across the world. Some reasons are as listed below:

  • Lack of experienced candidates.

  • The nature of monotonous and tiresome work leads to fewer people in the industry.

  • Compensation packages provided by the companies are not attractive or competitive at all.

  • New upgrades are introduced in the logistics industry on a daily basis. Be it technologically or geographically, the need to stay updated with such advancements is a must. Some people from the industry refuse to learn and as a result become unqualified to use technological advancements.

All being said, it is important to counter these reasons and look for solutions for the same. We have compiled a few effective strategies that will surely improve your logistics recruitment process:

  • Employ the use of a staffing agency or recruitment service providers

    It is not necessary or essential for your company to have all-rounder departments that are highly specialized to carry out every business function. You can simply outsource the hiring of your logistic staff to a Logistics Recruitment Services Agency. Search for ‘recruiting and staffing for logistics’ on the web and this will result in numerous options. These companies are highly specialized and take into account every single detail while choosing a candidate. Their main focus is to search, screen, and hire the best talent in the logistics industry for you.

    A Logistics Recruitment services agency already has a large database screened and ready to put into use. Some recruiting companies also offer replacement offers such as, if the employee is deemed unfit for the role in the given period, they will replace them with a new employee at no extra charge. The major advantage of using a staffing agency or recruitment services providers is that the candidates are filtered before reaching you. Thus, easing the decision-making process.

These companies may seem expensive but are completely worth it, they spare you a lot of effort, resources and not forget to ease the stress of finding the right candidate.

  • Hire from the network of existing employees

    Now, you must have some over-achieving employees also known as A-players that carry out their roles with diligence and excellence. This strategy would involve these employees to refer and bring more people like themselves to the company. This simple yet powerful technique is sure to pay high dividends receding all your expectations.

    For this, you need to channelize your funds into monetary compensations. Thus, increasing the perks and incentives for the employees who refer people from their network. These outstanding employees are sure to bring like-minded people who are dedicated to the company.

    This out-of-the-box strategy turns your best employees into even better recruiters that are ready to tap and let the best talent flow into your company. This also helps shorten the overall recruitment process, thus satisfying everyone involved in it.

  • Define an internal hiring process

    Yes, we are well aware of how time-consuming that can be. But trust us, it is one of the best strategies to make sure you attract the right crowd for your company. By defining and stating your company’s hiring process, you are being very precise and to the point about your expectations with regards to the open position in the department.

    You need to clear the communication rules and the policy must state the complete details of the open position such as location, job description, salary, benefits, department, etc. After a lot of personal education and time-consuming error and trials, you are sure to get the perfect internal hiring procedure that can be put out in the open.

    An effective internal hiring process is expected to be comprehensive yet simple. Also, keep in mind it isn’t always the skill sets and knowledge that makes the candidate qualified for the post but their adaptability to the company and its working culture.


As per a report released by CareerBuilder in 2020, 74% complained about hiring the wrong candidate for the job. They also shared that one bad hire costs them nearly $15,000 and losing a good candidate is equivalent to losing $30,000. This states the importance of a quality recruitment process.

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