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4 Best Phone Interview Questions to Get Potential Candidate

June 23,2023

Do you want to recruit quality hire and save valuable time? Conducting an effective phone interview while screening candidate can be very effective. Have you ever wondered what are the best phone interview to ask for getting potential candidate.

Process to Conduct Phone Interview

Phone recruitment is a crucial tool to streamline your hiring process. This method is time efficient from everyone’s part. Through this method, you can understand within 15 minutes whether the job seeker understand the job, meets the criteria and has reasonable salary expectations.

Phone interviews are a crucial step in the hiring process, enabling recruiters to quickly assess candidates' suitability. Here are four key questions to identify top talent efficiently.

Current And Expected Salary

This is one of the most important question in a telephonic interview:

  • This acts as quick filter in two fold way. If applicant is already making more than what you offer, then there is no point moving forward with it. People rarely move backwards on salary and even if they settle for less that is not for long term.

  • It tells you a lot about the the applicant. For example, a candidate making $150k will be different from one making $100k.

  • You have to interview the applicant accordingly.

  • If you find that after interviewing that every applicant is making more than what you are offering then you can rethink about this position.

Reason behind leaving the current role

Undoubtedly this is a common question yet understanding the driving force for leaving is the key. Then you can evaluate whether your company faces the same issue. If yes, this applicant is not a good fit for you.

Elaborate the best ideas that you have come up

Well, this question is highly based on the role yet can be asked to every person in different way. Your objective should be to get the most successful workpiece achieved till now. This way you can grasp a complete idea of their skills and project level they can manage.

Ask the Applicant about the great service, product they have encountered and why they liked it?

The idea behind asking this question is to get applicants with an instance of work that shows they are keeping track on industry and trends.

Should one go for Scripted or Freestyle Interviews?

Well, one of the most frequently asked question us whether one should go with script of questions or freestyle. Going with already prepared questions help you comparing candidates and offering all a level playing field. This also mean that you are going prepared in all your phone interview at least where questions are concerned. With this pattern, interviews will take their shape accordingly. For instance, you might want to delve deeper into any particular answer. And, asking the above discussed interview questions on phone will help you get potential candidate. You can hire staffing company to get top talent at an affordable price.

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