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4 Costly Mistakes Frequently Made by Experienced Recruiters

December 27,2017

Experience is the most demanded skill for recruiters. This doesn’t mean that experienced recruiter can’t make any mistakes. In some cases, mistakes are because they don’t evolve with the changing business world.

At times, recruiters want to get the job done or the business is not willing to hire the best talent available. This lead to huge problems that end in business suffering immense loss. If you are an experienced recruiter then make sure to quiet these common mistakes.

Don’t get Complacent

Experienced recruiters find themselves repeating the same tasks in a similar manner over and over again. The common recruitment processes become monotonous. At times, recruiter accurately assumes prospect’s answers while conducting the interview process. In most of the cases, this is a great news but sometimes it can lead to big mistakes.

As a good recruiter, avoid getting overconfident. Try to treat every prospect properly and pay attention to every requirement, especially while addressing their queries. If you can’t address their questions, you might lose a great subject.


For modern recruiters, multitasking is a huge asset. The biggest problem with experienced professionals is that they end up being overconfident on their ability to multi-task. In some cases, multitasking becomes counterproductive.

It is crucial to concentrate on a certain job as opposed to handling tasks at once. Setting a proper schedule to answer emails, conducting interviews and analyzing resumes is mandatory.


When recruiters interrupt candidate during the interview due to stubbornness or self-righteousness associated with personal experience, it increases the chance to lose potential candidates. The experienced recruiter should value every candidate properly. The entire process should be handled with utter care and attention. Don’t interrupt the applicant because you assumed that a satisfactory answer is about to come. It’s crucial to be a good listener in order to get an accurate view of candidates and make them trust you.


After a certain time period, recruiters get used to the way work is conducted. Indeed, this speeds up things but recruiter becomes robotic. Sometimes, it is crucial to stop and critically assess other situation. This is the best way to make your job enjoyable and more focused while assessing a candidate. Becoming robotic is the sign of fading passion and dip in efficiency and productivity.

Keeping the above-discussed points will help you avoid the repetitive mistakes. Many companies even hire outsourcing company that offers a blend of experience and young recruiter to achieve quality results.