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4 Effective Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias

April 07,2017 managers are often unwittingly influenced by their biases. Undoubtedly it’s difficult to completely eliminate biases from an individual yet it is possible to create recruitment strategy that makes it harder to skew judgment due to biased minds.

If you are a hiring manager, you must be happy with task of sensing candidate through unstructured interview process that allows you to randomly explore details that you find relevant and interesting. While unstructured interviews received the highest ratings by the managers for keeping efficiency intact yet many studies have found them as the worst predictors. According to these studies, unstructured interviews are less reliable than aptitude test, mental ability test or personality tests.

There are two factors that influence the unwillingness to give up the evaluation approach.

  • Overconfidence of managers on their experience and expertize.

  • Dislike for the structure approach that might result in outsourcing human judgement to machine.

We have compiled 4 ways to eliminate hiring basis without introducing new softwares.


Standardize the recruitment process by relying on structured interview process, eliminating subjectivity. This obvious approach is usually remains underused. Under this structure, same set of questions are posed in front of all the candidates that helps in making effective comparisons. Indeed the conversation flow will be slightly awkward than it already is but the results are worth it.

The protocol requires the interviewer to score the candidates’ answers immediately. This neutralizes various biases. Evaluators who wait till the end to rate answers always have the risk of forgetting early or high quality answer that is less vivid.


Keep comparing all the candidates horizontally. Start with comparing candidates on the first question, then the next one and so on. This might get complicated as interviews often discovers that candidates gives great answers to few questions but disappoints in other ones. Even though, this might get complicated but discovering these internal consistency is worthwhile particularly when there are questions which receive more weightage.

This comparative evaluations help us check calibre across job seekers and decreases reflex to rely on stereotypes.


Your analytic departments can crunch the data to check which interview questions are correlated for the on job success. A great answer from job seeker can provide evaluator with the clue of the future performance. In this way response to these questions can receive added weightage.


A smart way to eliminate bias in the interview is by setting up “blind interview circuit”. In this process several people are included in the interview process. They all draft their notes, consider their stance without discussing their views with other members of the interview until the planned meeting.

This technique can be leveraged to make sure the interviewer doesn’t become biased before meeting candidate. This gives interviewers a venue to explain red flags in front of other people.

Following the above discussed tips can benefit productivity of the company immensely. Employing potential candidates will help you see burst of creativity and increased in vigilance of potential pitfalls. Hiring staffing company can help you locate talented candidates from the wider pool, without any bias.