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4 Helpful Tips To Avoid Worst Recruiting Nightmares

November 11,2016

Lost in wilderness or Teeth falling out. Well, none of them can be that much discomforting for a recruiter than facing prospect of claim from unsuccessful candidate. According to Talent shortage survey around 32% American companies have trouble in filling vacant positions. This in a way means that recruiters have to work even harder than before to connect with right talent.

With the introduction of The Equality Act 2010, discrimination against applicants on the basis of nationality color, race, gender and many other factors was put to an end. This has made a fair ground of competition for all the job seekers. This has also resulted in choosing from wider pool of talent and making the recruitment process even more challenging.

Any single error in recruitment can cost your company enormously. Recruitment process is expensive in terms of cost and time.

Here are 5 helpful tips to convert your recruiting nightmare to convert into dream come true.


Indeed there is always urgency in filling open position but most recruiting mistakes take place when the applicant is not thoroughly vetted. Stop this by being realistic about recruiting timelines. You require at least six weeks for attracting and vetting high quality candidates. Keep these two tips in mind while you take an interview:

  • Don’t spend much time talking about the role of candidate and your company. This won’t help you reaching an appropriate decision.

  • Don’t misinterpret any information coming from the applicant.


Lack of process can extend your hunting process or let bad job seeker slip through the loophole of your process. You need to divide your time in an appropriate manner on interviewing, recruiting, diligence and negotiating. Always share the responsibility of hiring with other members too.


Fine details about the responsibilities and role is required for hiring a perfect candidate. This mistake can not only cost you money but the time invested in recruiting goes to waste. A candidate can be incredibly talented but not a right fit for a specific role requirement.

One of the biggest nightmare for a company is failing in defining their hiring policies before beginning with employee search. An unclear policy from your end can confuse the candidates or can invite legal troubles.


Many companies divert their complete focus on experience and skills while shortlisting candidates. Indeed, interview is a chance to identify these attributes but a poor fit for cultural environment can immensely affect your company’s goal in a negative way. The best way to avoid hiring an ill fit for your company is by keeping agency’s objectives, ethos, expectations, culture and work ethics in mind while recruiting.

It is crucial to remain in touch with the applicant at every step. Create a better rapport by putting them at ease. This way they won’t lie about their imperfections as an applicant. Recruitment is not a scary process, if you avoid any kind of surprise during the process. Following these steps will help you grabbing a good sleep. A shorter way to escape from recruiting nightmares is by hiring staffing agency in this competitive market.