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4 HR Measures That Will Help Reduce Workplace Stress

May 29,2017

According to an international survey The Stress in the Workplace conducted across 11 European countries, employees who don’t feel any stress while performing their profession are in minority. Indeed at times stress can be productive, stimulating people to perform better, however long term stress is associated with negative emotions and reduction in engagement and productivity.

Numerous employers are grappling on how to set working conditions effectively for companies to become more sustainable and reduce fluctuations. We have compiled 4 HR measures to help reduce workplace stress.

Eliminating Interruptions

Paylab study stated that, employees most often complains about the workload. The never ending barrage of emails, new calls, deadlines, tasks, meetings and instant messages with no or partial notice contributes to rushed and confused feel. Simultaneously there is reduction on focusing power that distracts from completing other important tasks. HR departments have to come with efficient way to reduce the distraction.

One way of doing this is by “internal office hours”. In this method, there should be an open communication with other departments during the workday. Keep some time aside for the work that requires high level concentration. For instance, keep 100 minutes to concentrate on the assigned tasks without any distractions. Make sure that these internal rules are respected and followed at every level. This way you can proceed towards an efficiently planned communications and meetings.

Foster Supportive Culture

The more a person feels isolated, the more prone that employers become to stress and its consequences. Isolations comes with an elevated fear of failure. It becomes crucial that employees do not feel helpless rather they should consult and socialise with others to make a supportive work culture. Assistance and support from other employees ensure that these errors do not occur again in the future. In order to have suitable interaction, HR department needs to organize regular workshops to form supportive work culture.

Setting Priorities

The heavy workload and deluge of work can result in stress and chaos in the minds of employees. One of the serious problem reported in Paylab survey was “Overtime work”. Some of the other factor contributing to the workplace stress are :

  • Inability to cope with workload

  • High expectation of Supervisors

  • Clients expectations and demands

Here managers need to take initiatives to set out priorities for their subordinates through regular meetings based on urgency and importance of individual tasks. Well, you can save energy on tasks that can wait or dealt by distribution of forces. With regular prioritisation of tasks organization can improve coordination of their work activities.

Motivating Benefits and Remuneration

One more stress factor resulting in employees nightmare is lack of money and financial problems due to low earnings. Employer needs to re-evaluate employee salaries on regular basis with market value of individual positions.

Company should support and respect their employees time. Any kind of failure in human resource management can cost employers immensely. The above discussed tips can help you tackle with reducing the workload pressure.