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4 Tips to focus on quality over quantity

June 17,2016

It is important to get right kind of people into your company to assure a steady growth. You need the right talent, in the right position to fulfill specific job responsibilities.

The employee not only needs to have appropriate skills, but also should be willing to take up the challenges that the role entitles. Hiring the right kind of employees could be difficult at times as it requires time and financial resources.

But does that mean we should hire the best out of the talent pool that we have in a short span of time? No.

Here are a 4 tips on how you can optimize time while getting the right recruit on board.

1. Personality of a Candidate

The Company should look for personality traits of a candidate while hiring for any position. Some of the key traits that define a candidate’s personality and job fit are:

  • Communication Skills

  • Transparency and Clarity of Expectations

  • Relevant expertize and skillset

These qualities help in building a good team that adds value to the company.

2. Appropriate Questions

You need to understand the candidate’s ambitions, goals, objectives and interest areas which will give you a better understanding regarding the candidate’s aspirations and suitability for the position that (s)he is being appointed for.

3. Onboarding

Onboarding process includes various activities that the company hosts in order to introduce the candidate to the company and its operation structure. The candidate(s) are also introduced to the company norms and policies which provide clarity of operations and other necessary details that are upheld by the organization.

The company should ideally adopt a transparency policy. The fresh recruits should be acclimatized over the course of a few months wherein they get acquainted and measure their fit with the organization as well as vice versa.

Also, having a right mentor is the key to develop a fresh candidate for the company as the knowledge transferred from the mentor will groom the candidate(s) to perform to the best of their ability in the company.

4. Keeping other employees in mind

Encourage the candidate to ask questions about the company as it is important for the candidate to have as much clarity as possible. It gives the company a chance to evaluate the zeal and proactivity of the candidate to grow in the long run.

Another thing that helps, is to let the employees of the company take part in the hiring process to understand the goals and requirements of the organization better and also assist in the decision making process of recruitment (if and when required.)

So as we can see, to get the right candidate in a limited amount of time, we have several useful alternatives that are cost effective and easy-to-do. However, despite all of these methods, hiring or finding the right candidate sometimes can pose to be a challenge. That is where professional staffing companies can help streamline the talent acquisition process, while you can focus completely on your business operations.