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4 ways To Assure That a Candidate is An Ideal Match For Your Company

June 03,2016

Employees are the elementary units of any organization. Each worker contributes something to one big picture that defines the growth and success of your company.

But finding a candidate who is a perfect match for your company is not a cakewalk. To get the right recruit, one needs to look past degrees and qualifications and get to know the person as a human being.Having perfect skills and knowledge is not enough to excel at a job. The candidate also needs to blend in with the other employees and the company culture.

It can be hard to judge a person’s character from just a few interviews, although you might get a good enough assessment if you know exactly what to look for:

You won’t get apples if you’re asking for oranges. Asking the right kind of questions is pivotal to understanding the candidates’ views. There are many tried and tested questions that you can use to get some valuable information about the candidate.

  • Do you love what you do? If yes, why?

  • What’s your biggest strengths and weakness?

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

You might be thinking that all these questions have now become too cliched and the candidates always come well prepared for them. But even after thorough preparations, the answers to these kind of questions can always convey a lot about a person’s aspirations and perception. If you feel that his/her targets are in alignment with your company’s goals and values, then you’ve found the perfect employee for your company.

Explore Candidate Potential

In any kind of job, the most important quality you look for in a candidate, is attitude. If a person doesn’t have skills, he can learn them over time. But a person with a bad attitude and complacent personality will always remain the same for most of his life. Hence, it is imperative that you rightly perceive the kind of person you are hiring. Don’t just look for skills, try to analyze whether the candidate has the right balance between social and professional intelligence.

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Effective Interaction

A machine only works when every single part of the machinery gels together to perform. The same analogy applies to your company and its employees. The company will only taste success if all of your employees have high spirits of teamwork.

Any candidate you hire should be able to directly fit in with your system and culture. To know more about this, always make sure that the candidate goes through multiple interviews with different employees of your firm. Encourage your employees to interact with interviewees and observe their behaviour. This will not only help you get an idea about the candidate’s communication skills but also offers you a chance to get a second opinion on any hiring decision you make.

Discuss Expectations

A employee will only perform well if he is happy at his workplace. And he will be only be happy if he is able to meet the expectations he had set before joining your company. Same mentality runs with the employer too. If the candidate is not performing up to the expectations of the employer, it can lead to several complications in the future.

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To avoid such a situation, always ask open questions about the employee’s expectation in the job. Make sure he gets a realistic idea about the work conditions, job profile, etc. Also, always convey the expectations you set forward for a job in advance.

Always remember that you are only human and some of the hirings you make might not work out even after extreme precautions. Plan ahead and make a sustainable recruiting strategy that can attract and retain quality employees, helping you to achieve the long term goals of your company.