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4 Tips To Use LinkedIn Effectively

March 10,2017

LinkedIn is taking lot of punches as various industries are extracting extensive benefits from it. Still for many recruiters it’s untapped resource, not taken that seriously. The data and insight it offers about companies, industries and employees is second to nothing and often not even available on any other platforms.

Undoubtedly many people will moan about it’s failing on various aspects such as InMail spam, overnight updation without any notification, fake profiles, lack of search functionality in mainstream. Keeping these flaws aside, LinkedIn is still a great platform. It is still the default online network where recruiters go before anything else.

With the amount of employees and employers data that LinkedIn holds, it’s an appropriate place where you can begin your research and recruiting journey. By leveraging it properly one can extract the best result out of LinkedIn. It comes under the example of the more you put, the more you will extract from it. We have compiled seven ways to improve LinkedIn experience which requires some homework from your end.


Whether you are recruiter searching for potential candidates, salesperson selling products/services or independent consultants looking for next project, your search start from Google. This is because LinkedIn is indexed with search engine which makes it important to include various aspects of your personal profile.

  • Picture- Say no to beach shots, wedding pictures, pictures of cats and dogs etc.

  • Headline- Explanatory containing important keywords.

  • Summary- Make good spattering of important keywords which will make it easier for people to search for you along with your contact details.

  • Multi media- It can be pictures, presentations, word documents to make your profile stand out and simultaneously giving insight into your experience, knowledge and personal brand.

  • Groups- Time to join number of groups that helps you find people and people find you. To stay away from getting inundated with notifications, turn off the notifications in setting tab.


Say goodbye to laziness and learn how to use advanced search effectively. Various aspect of search has the capacity of long boolean search loop. Make a note, when searching for candidates, take the candidate perspective into consideration and then look.

Haven’t tried Alumni search yet, then do take a look! It is most powerful yet underused search function. This is real time search because as soons as you change any criteria, this gets updated and many different results appears immediately.


It’s no hidden fact that inMail fails more times than it works. Even LinkedIn agrees to this. Indeed this is useful if people ever see them to read. You can’t rely that people will read inMails at first place, so you need have secondary method.


Reconsider your staying away habit from posting updates. Every content of your gets shared among the people in your network. Surely your content will get like and share when people will find it interesting enough. LinkedIn stream is algorithm based and shows people what is relevant to them. Posting content on regular basis will make your content and profile more visible and drive traffic.

The above discussed tips will help you breaking the illusion regarding LinkedIn. Even though people are shifting to Twitter, Facebook and G+ and other websites to recruit people, still they always revert to LinkedIn as cross check reference. Companies that are still facing problem with recruitment are hiring outsourcing staffing companies to stay ahead in the market.