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4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Online Interview

April 08,2016

The ways we work, study, communicate, and entertain ourselves have seen a major transformation over the last decade or so thanks to evolving technology. Among one of the many benefits of the internet is online interviews, which allow people to be evaluated for positions in other cities or even other countries.

Once considered a rarity, an increasing number of companies are turning to online interviews in order to save time. For the persons applying for a job, this translated into reduced commute costs and a lot of saved time and energy. If you are getting ready for online interviews, here are 4 important things you need to consider before stepping into the virtual conference room:

1. The Biggest Problem: Distractions

Ask any interviewer their biggest complaint about online interviews and you are likely to get the same answer: applicants being distracted. Distractions can come at the worst of times, and if you are interviewing for a job, the last thing you need is your phone or the doorbell ringing, a family member coming in to check in on you, or a crying toddler that needs attention. While interviews may be polite and forgiving if such a situation arises, they are also likely to cross you off the list of candidates being seriously considered.

How You Can Fix It: Set up your laptop or other device in a quiet room where you are the only one around. Close the door and if there is anyone else at home, make sure they know not to disturb you. You should also make sure any outside sounds or traffic noise don’t cause a disturbance.

2. The Camera Can Make You Look Better

It’s no secret, one of the biggest deciding factors for interviewers is the way a prospective employee looks. Now an online interview doesn’t have the same “feel” or “urgency” of a regular interview, but you still need to be dressed good, with your hair done, and a shave (if you are a guy). On top of that, make sure you don’t set yourself up by following good camera etiquette.

What You Should Do: Position your camera in such a way that it is away from a light source. Place it at a neutral height and make sure to check how you look before starting.

3. Don’t Get Disconnected

The worst possible situation in an online interview: getting disconnected or being left with an empty battery.

How to Avoid This: Make sure the device you will be using for your interview is fully charged and you have a reliable internet connection. Switch your mobile to airplane mode to make sure you aren’t interrupted by any unexpected calls. Don’t forget to have a backup (like a data plan) in case you get disconnected.

4. Slow Down and Speak Clearly

It goes without saying that you should speak clearly during an interview, but here is another tip: slow down during an online interview. You don’t want to come across as hopped up on too much energy juice.