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5 Challenges In Recruiting A Skilled Workforce In Manufacturing

April 06,2021

A skilled workforce is crucial for every business, be it medicine, marketing enterprise, or manufacturing. Skills and expertise are required to fulfill the operational tasks with maximum efficiency to obtain effective results. If we consider hiring a qualified workforce for a manufacturing firm, it would require a special skill set that knows the ‘how-to’ of manufacturing products, to continue the trade cycle and boost the firm’s productivity.

Along with skillset, there are several other factors that help a professional to maximize his/her potential and carry out routine tasks. Factors such as diverse practice sessions, patience, learning ability, etc., are important for skillful personnel to be hired for a manufacturing firm. However, with the introduction of automation and increased preference being given to technology, human skills are getting restricted to function data sets. Human-based work is growing into self-driven machinery systems, due to which skilled labor is becoming elusive.

There are numerous challenges in recruiting a skilled workforce in the manufacturing field. The global transformation of this industry has led to lower labor engagement. External recruiting is becoming a feasible option for manufacturing industries to rely on for hiring a skilled workforce.

Outsource manufacturing staffing firms

maneuver the hiring of qualified professionals to work for your organization and set an example by availing required candidates from its quality-rich pipeline. Since such firms have years of experience in one particular niche, they are firm while procuring applications in bulk and screen them as per the client requirements.

The benefit of an outsource manufacturing staffing firm is to get fresh talent directly from the market, while you can focus on your business’ core operations. It also encourages employment flexibility, with the help of which you can scale up or down your business effectively.

Here are a few challenges faced by manufacturing firms while hiring a skillful workforce

  • The Image Problem

    It is allegedly believed that manufacturing firms do not pay enough to the hired labor and provide less than nothing in terms of job security or health benefits. This is termed as the image problem in the manufacturing industry, which causes labor to turn down the job offers or get hired on a short-term contractual basis. Manufacturing industries face this poor image problem that results in a shortage of skilled workforce. However, this could be easily managed by associating with a outsource manufacturing staffing firm that helps to come up with a labor-centric approach. Their strategies involve gaining the trust of the workforce and providing them fair pay and job stability as well.

  • Impact Of Automation

    It is widely accepted that automation and technology have helped humans to lower the workload and increase production levels by better output. However, there are still some areas that require human intervention to make the machine capable of processing products. The impact of excessive use of technology results in failure to meet the workforce requirements due to which some of the core activities could be halted. There also exist valid reasons such as excessive cost incurred, while making technology the sole working labor.

  • Aging Workforce

    As per studies, it is observed that in many manufacturing industries, there is labor with age above fifty years, which makes them less efficient. They pose as a liability to be paid against the quantum of work they do, however, they are retained because of the expertise and knowledge they possess. Outsourcing firms play an important role in training fresh talent and bringing them in to cover the loss and increase production levels.

  • Impact Of Socioeconomic and Political Changes

    Due to industrialization, the bulk workforce was shifted from agricultural activities to trade and manufacturing firms. Since they had very less or poor knowledge of the industry, it was hard for manufacturing firms to deliver productive results in less time. Political issues restricted the labor personnel to work on a lesser wage rate due to which the living conditions became poor. External staffing firms help manufacturing businesses hire a qualified and credible workforce that is fueled by quality, efficiency and provides extensive production results.

  • Need For Manufacturers To Upskill

    It was evident that once labor was hired for a manufacturing firm, they were required to fulfill a specific set of tasks that didn’t require many skillsets. However, with the change in time and technology, the labor workforce is now required to upskill and learn new trade things to survive and render productive services. Therefore, outsource manufacturing staffing firm are approached to hire a skillful workforce that requires only trade training and are already equipped with the rest of things. This saves up the manufacturing firm’s time and costs that they would have rendered on their training period.

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