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5 Key Questions To Know During Talent Acquisition


One of the most indispensable task performed by recruiter is gauging the fitness of a candidate for a position and work culture of a company. You need to know many aspect about the candidate for getting equipped for adding value to the hiring process. 



One way to do this is to ask the candidates questions that can give you an idea about the individual behind the resume, revealing candidate’s personality, knowledge, strength, skills and weakness. You need to select the questions that give the job seekers an opportunity to give you the details which are not available in the resume. It is very critical to know the candidate and what they are seeking for.

Here is the list of top 5 key questions that will work across different job descriptions and industries.


How can you contribute in the growth of the company


You should ask the candidate that how can they contribute to the growth of the company. This question will help you in sorting out people into two categories. One is also-rans and the other is contenders. Those candidates who have not prepared for the interview will stumble and will try to give out a generic response while those who have prepared and know about your company will absolutely stand and shine out.


 Why are you not contented with your present job


Most of the candidates change their jobs because they find something missing in the present jobs that the applied job will offer them. If the candidate is a fresher then you should know the aim of the  job seeker. Once you are aware of this aspect then you can easily get an idea whether the candidate can fulfill your expectations or not. It is very important that the niche of the company and the aim of the candidates should compliment each other in order to have seek growth on both the levels.


 What kind of workplace suits you better


This will illustrate whether this candidate is going to adapt the work culture of your company. For instance, If you need a team player and the job seeker want to work independently and wanted a leadership role then that particular candidate is most likely to be not a perfect choice for the position. Always remember that everyone has their own working environment and candidates who tries to assure you that they can fit in anywhere are most probably not being honest.


 An obstacle that you had to overcome for achieving your dreams


This will show the way any particular candidate deal with problems. Depending upon the answer you will get an idea about the way the candidate approaches any problem and how they handle problematic people in their professional life.


Describe your relationship with previous clients, colleagues and managers


This question will help you drill in a better way while choosing from the pool of talent. You can see in what kind of interaction they excel in and the areas where they face difficulties. You should focus on the attitude of the candidate that whether that person complain about any situation or look at it in a constructive way.


Always remember that you are looking for a candidate who can add to the growth of the company and can fit into the work culture. These six questions will surely going to help you in gaining an insight into the behaviour and mind of the job seeker. If you are lacking acquisition of potential talent then following these will help you to ensure that the hire is a great fit for your company. Many other successful companies opt for HR outsourcing company for even better results. The growth of your company lies in the hands of your employees, so choose them wisely.