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5 Skills to Look For in Your Recruiting Executive

February 26,2016

The recruitment department at any corporation is one of the most essential. After all, every business wants to attract and retain top talent in order to expand and increase profitability. As such, it is vital to have a top notch recruiting executive who not only understands the workforce but also knows the industry. Beyond the basic skills such as being a good listener or being highly organized are a set of specialized skills that every recruiter must have. Read on to learn more about 5 skills you need to look for before hiring a recruiting executive:

Be a Good Salesperson

If you look at it, recruitment is quite similar to sales. A good recruiter sells his or her company to prospective candidates, and must make amends and compromises in order to secure the services of the right person. Most job applicants report having at least one other offer on the table at some stage during their hiring process. A good salesperson in your recruitment team will understand that, and be able to convince applicants why your business is the right fit for them.

Be Able to Cultivate Relationships

This is another quality that is essential in the recruitment role. A good recruiter not only knows how to build relationships, but can also cultivate them into a mutually beneficial relationship. Employee surveys indicate that workers are more likely to stick around at a lower pay scale and avoid jumping ship if their recruiter has developed a good relationship with them. This also gives them insight into workforce availability and available top talent in their particular line of work.

Understand the Philosophy of Your Company

A good recruiter follows scientific methods to hire the right team of people who can adjust in your business without too much trouble. Recruiters who work with departmental heads and managers to find the underlying requirements of job roles really know what they are doing, as compared to those who sit in their offices all day and roll out exhaustive, irrelevant job descriptions for different roles.

Be Approachable

This one is a no brainer, you don’t want a recruiter who intimidates people and cultivates a culture of fear in your company. A good recruiter is approachable by employees even before they are hired. They say you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar, and a hiring manager who understands this is worth their weight in gold.

Be Ready to Lead Change

A recruitment manager who is still stuck in the eighties probably isn’t the best fit for a rapidly evolving, younger, and newer workforce. A good recruiter knows to keep their personal and professional skills up to date. As the role of IT and social media in our lives increases, good recruiters should know how to take advantage of these platforms for work purposes. They should also be up to date on new research which identifies opportunities for organizational development and improving efficiency at the workplace.