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5 tips to highlight in your CV and Stand Out from the rest

January 29,2016

For any specific job opening, HR personnel and hiring managers are overwhelmed with resumes. Since they do not have enough time or resources to interview everyone, they always look for ways to eliminate unworthy candidates as quickly as possible. Some simply glance at each resume before taking the decision of throwing it in the ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’ stack. It is extremely vital that you make those few seconds count .

Here are 5 writing tips that might help make your CV stand out from the rest:

Pattern your resume to the job

Adjust your resume to this specific role, with authentic detail that shows why you are an ideal fit for the position. This can be done in a simple way; by fine-tuning each CV to fit the job that you might be applying for, eliminating irrelevant details. Include your capabilities and talents which are relevant to the job profile offered. Also, while writing a decent CV, your name can be written in a bolder font than the rest of the text on it. Also, include your contact details, your telephone number and email address, so as to allow a smooth communication thread between you and interested employers.

Ensure that it is easy to read and error free

Make sure your CV is perfectly refined and error-free and do not forget to put the most significant information on page one. It is highly recommended not to make mistakes on your CV, as it becomes difficult to repair the damage once an employer receives it. You, therefore, need to scrutinize your CV very closely before it gets to the employer. Check your information for any grammatical or spelling errors.

Your Profile and Executive Summary are very important

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Your profile or otherwise referred to as personal or career profile is a paragraph at the beginning of your CV, which contains a brief summary of your professional background. Your profile should summarise your credentials, in terms of your experience, relevant talents for the job that you are applying for and your qualifications. To a large extent, your personal or career profile can make a significant difference in securing your desired job. Executive summary, on the other hand, is a short statement at the topmost part of your CV that describes what makes you the best candidate for the position that you might be applying for. This should not exceed 3-5 solid sentences.

Achievements are necessary to include

Your CV needs to convince the readers that you possess the skills needed for the job that they are advertising about. Achievements include the results that you personally achieved while fulfilling a certain role. It is different from the duties that you perform listed in your job description. By highlighting your accomplishments using action verbs, you create a proven track record to eliminate all doubt from the mind of the reader. Adding at least five important accomplishments to your CV gives you an edge over other qualified candidates, while being short-listed for an interview. Including achievements section makes a prompt and intense difference to the power of your curriculum vitae, permitting you to make a distinct effect, as compared to that of the other candidates. Use the space allocated to highpoint where you have excelled and how you plan to achieve similar results on future endeavours.

Reference should be provided on request

Employer seeks the details of at most three references, only after making an offer to you. Therefore, it is advisable not to include the details of your reference in your CV. When asked to provide your references, endeavour to choose them with caution. It is important that you choose the right people to give positive evidence about you. It is not a law that your former employer has to be a reference. You can make any organisational head or customers your references. They only need to take note of what you might have achieved throughout your career,and need not sound elusive when contacted by the hiring manager or the concerned staff.