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5 Ways to Revive Your Recruiting Strategy

January 13,2017

Irrespective of your business size, having an effective recruitment strategy to attract the right talent becomes one of the important factor. Latest technologies and social tools helps in finding innovative ways to target the potential audience. With the increase in demand of young talent, talent acquisition has become more competitive than it was ever. HR department is employing data driven strategy to make recruitment effective and simultaneously justifying the budget.

It’s important for us to take perspective of both the side before rebooting the recruitment strategy:

Recruiter’s Perspective

According to many recruiters the worst part of new job opening is not able to give the required attention that is desired. The average days assigned to fill a job post is mostly not reached. This result in deflated growth of the organization as the talent pool gets dried up.

Candidate’s Perspective

They prefer workplace where they can fit, utilize their talent and company that has mission which drives them to become the best. Clunky application process and confuse listing irritates them rather than inspiring them.

So, now we have a brief glance at both the situation. Let’s help you reboot your talent acquisition strategy through the following tips.


It’s time for you to focus on building employer brand for attracting talent. You need to create a message that can align with corporate brand and attract the right talent to join your company. One of the effective ways to address all the queries of your candidates is by communicating employer brand.

This will help you to answer more of the queries of the candidates such as

  • Why they should work with you

  • unique point of your workplace and

  • how it will be to work at your workplace.

You need a well articulated branding message to attract the potential candidates.


Well don’t just stick to creating an employer brand but give complete freedom to your employers to add on to the brand values to your organization. One important aspect to keep in mind is that the employers should feel connected to the brand. Make them the brand ambassador of the company. They should be reflecting the work culture of the organization with every interaction.


You need to keep the following points in mind to provide them with a better experience:

  • Respect their time

  • Fulfill all the your promises

  • Maintain Transparency

  • Everyone want a closure, this applies to candidates also. So tell them the reason behind not getting selected.


Don’t circumscribe to delivering a better experience to the candidates but extend it to the employees too. They play an important role in creating employee value proposition. A better engaged employees can help in attracting future employees.


Start exploring various social media platform to get engaged with talented pool and invent new talent networks. Leverage social media platforms for the following activities:

  • Engaging with candidates

  • Talk about workplace environment

  • Interview and recruitment tips

Use social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube for branding purpose, LinkedIn for sourcing and Twitter for engaging in conversation.

One important aspect to keep in mind is that stay updated in the career sites and make the navigation process easier. Try to promote your career page with more content like advising potential candidates and inserting eye catching pictures and videos. Make the navigation and applying way easier for the candidates to apply for your company.

Leveraging the above discussed ways can help you in revive the recruitment strategy this year with a bang. You can even go for outsourcing your recruitment requirements to stay in touch with the changing trends.