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6 Reasons Why Instant Messaging Is Essential In Recruitment Process

October 19,2016

Don’t you want to have a dramatic increase in the job applications received by your company? Definitely Yes! Want to know the secret for that? It’s Instant Messaging.

According to Pew Internet Project survey, around 44% people have their phones next to their bed while sleeping as no one wants to miss any important update, message, or call. Few companies are leveraging this mobile obsession of people for having a successful recruitment strategy.

This in a way means that job seekers are using instant messaging in various platforms and yet there are many HR departments who are not integrating with them in these platforms. The core of this problems is many recruitment strategy are still driven by emails. Recruiters, companies, technology providers all leverage emails in this process. All these emails triggers another chain of emails and it becomes difficult to maintain the thread of information, which is very crucial. Another problem is that you can’t find out whether the email is read by the recipient or not?

Isn’t it a great idea to recruit using apps that the job seekers are using on a everyday basis. Instant messaging is turning out to be the future platform for candidate engagement. Here are top 6 reasons why instant messaging is essential for your recruitment process.


There is a huge user base in common messaging apps/ platforms like ( Messenger, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn Messages and etc). There is no need of building an audience as your audience is already present there.


All the mobile device have push notification functionality. The potential talent could be reached the very moment you send it. They can see your message immediately on the home screen of their phone, even if it is locked.


We all will agree that we are mostly likely to reply quickly on message rather than opening email and then composing a reply. In case of instant messaging it is just all about a left or a right swipe and then writing a response.


You can easily maintain the thread of conversation as the single message will stay there and can be accessed at any point of time by both the party. For job seekers it’s very helpful as they don’t have to go through numerous emails. At times few emails require password for accessing information. Unless the information is deleted, the discussion can be continue from that point onwards in future.


SMS is becoming a great way for setting reminders and communicating with candidates. Many ATS system comes with SMS integration into their platforms. This is still a broadcast communication method in ATS.


There is no barriers in using instant messaging, you can reach all over the world. All the countries across different boundaries have same platforms. This will help you in selecting from the wider pool of talent. You can attract international talent easily.


Everyone knows how to use these platform, as they interact use these platforms for getting in touch with family and friends in everyday interaction. You don’t need any kind of training to bring these platforms to use.

People are using instant messaging platforms every single day. You have to become a forward thinking recruiter by leveraging instant messaging to communicating and contacting with job seekers through this platform to choose from wider pool. You can even go for outsourcing your recruitment to reap the complete benefit of instant messaging.