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8 Remarkable Hiring Strategies for Workplace Diversity Every Company Should Know!

June 01,2022

Diversity in the workplace has risen to the forefront of recruiting departments’ concerns.

60 percent of recruiters surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) claim their talent acquisition tactics aim to attract diverse applicants. 57% of recruiters have various candidate attraction tactics. Increasing workplace diversity is not only a worthy and compliance-related objective. The growth in diversity is correlated with the more collaborative and team-based structure of contemporary organizations: it is evident that businesses that can effectively recruit and manage a diverse staff have a distinct competitive edge.

Globally, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are entrusted with increasing workplace diversity. Why is it so difficult to shift the needle? Is there a pipeline issue, as is frequently asserted? Are unconscious prejudices influencing hiring decisions? As with the majority of complex topics, it is all of the above. However, intriguing new research provides insights into enhancing workplace diversity effectively.

This step-by-step article explains how to improve diversity through recruiting equitably and impartially with the help of staffing companies in India.

Benefits of Focusing on Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workforce is a rapidly expanding trend in the corporate world, and for a good reason. In addition to being a morally sound option, employing diverse candidates gives several real benefits for performance, creativity, and efficiency. Among the recognized benefits are:

  • A greater diversity of abilities and expertise within your staff;

  • Increased linguistic and cultural sensitivity; a more extensive and more diverse applicant pool

  • It has been demonstrated that diverse workforces are better at problem-solving, avoid “echo chamber” or confirmation bias mentalities more successfully, and foster more workplace creativity and innovation. This leads to improved decisions and outcomes overall. Diverse perspectives enable team members to argue the merits of various methodologies and arrive at the best possible conclusion utilizing a wider variety of data.

The outcome speaks for itself:

  • The income of businesses with diverse management teams is 19 percent greater.

  • 1.75 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their respective market categories are diverse organizations.

  • Sixty-seven percent of job searchers consider diversity a significant aspect when choosing an employer.

  • According to 85 percent of CEOs, a diverse staff boosted their bottom line.

  • As you can see, having an excellent recruitment plan for diversity is a specific approach to increasing your team’s performance and encouraging innovation in your business.

Now that we’ve examined the benefits, let’s discuss how to recruit diverse candidates from the best IT staffing companies in India.

Hiring Strategies to Look for to Promote Workplace Diversity

  • Limiting the Number of Qualifications Required for the Role

    Many researchers have explored the differences between how men and women apply for employment. They noticed that males apply for jobs to satisfy 60 percent of the prerequisites, whereas women only apply if they meet all requirements. You will likely attract more female applicants by restricting the number of credentials in the job description to those necessary for the position.

  • Implementing Candidate Scorecards Into the Recruitment Process

    The installation of candidate scorecarding will help your team be on the same page regarding the criteria they are seeking for the position, which is a simple and effective method to make the hiring process fairer for people of different backgrounds. This will guarantee that expectations on the “must-have” skills and talents each candidate must possess are matched.

  • Removing Gender and Racial Biases From the JD

    Using gender-inclusive language and neutral pronouns will go a long way toward attracting and not discouraging female job applicants. Avoid terms and phrases that are implicitly prejudiced towards particular races or ethnicities, such as “good English abilities,” “an Ivy League degree,” and “clean/neat haircuts.”

  • Evaluating Candidates Majorly based on Their Experience and Qualifications.

    By eliminating applicant names from resumes, candidates may be evaluated based only on their qualifications and expertise. Ultimately, you should evaluate candidates based on their skills and prior experience; this method may ensure that no other hidden biases impact hiring decisions.

  • Conducting Logics- and Skill-Based Assessments

    Assessments like Plum and the Predictive Index provide an excellent method for uncovering minute data of a candidate’s behavioral characteristics. Employing technologies such as eSkill, organizations may also conduct skill-based exams to evaluate a candidate’s technical talents and give additional measurable metrics for use in the recruitment process.

  • Leveraging the Benefits of Social Media to Target Candidates From Diverse Backgrounds

    Posting job openings on LinkedIn or even Facebook helps optimize your recruitment efforts. Be deliberate and smart when linking these applicants to available jobs within your business, regardless of whether you want to employ more women or more people of minorities.

  • Encouraging the Referrals From Your Existing Employees

    Promoting your employees to disseminate information about available positions inside your firm is ideal for diversifying your talent network. Referrals are not only an excellent way to improve your company’s employer brand, but they may also give your business a simple approach to growing its candidate pool.


Companies and applicants alike increasingly recognize the significance of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. To incorporate this into your recruitment strategy, you must evaluate (and change) every part of the hiring procedure of staffing companies in India with the help of Collar Search.

With the steps mentioned above, you are well on your road to being a diversity champion. And given the numerous moral, ethical, and financial benefits involved, there is no justification for not beginning to increase diversity in hiring immediately.