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8 Silly Questions Candidates Ask in an Interview

July 06,2023

Getting an interview call from a desired company can be quite cumbersome. So if you’ve got one, first of all, congratulations. But getting a call is just the first step. To clear the interview, you need to prepare thoroughly to be ready for whatever the interviewer throws at you.

Sometimes, candidates can sabotage their chances of getting the job by asking some very frivolous questions during the interview. These kind of questions can put you out of the job race, before you even start competing for it. Here are some of the most common ones:

What do you actually do?

This is one of the biggest blunders that a candidate can commit. It shows that you have not prepared well for the interview and do not have any serious intentions of taking up the job. Always try to gain decent amount of knowledge about the company before you go in for any interview.

What’s the salary?

This is the worst question you can ask in an interview. This not only signifies your impatience but also makes the interviewer feel that you are a money-oriented person and give more importance to pays and benefits rather than the learning experience. Always wait till the HR brings up the topic of salary negotiation.

Will I get proper help in the job?

If you’re asking this question, it conveys to the interviewer that you are not sure about your ability to do the job on your own. Any employer wants to make sure that the person they are hiring is more than capable in performing his job. This question can surely damage your chance of getting the job.

How long do I have to work for?

No one wants to hire a person who will be looking over the clock everyday, just to complete his work hours and get out of the office. This kind of question can immediately wash off your entire impression and puts you on the rejected list.

Am I selected?

One of the most common question recruiters hear towards the end of a job interview. These kind of questions point straight towards lack of experience and professionalism. It’s normal to be eager to know the results of an interview, but asking such questions can make the interviewer uncomfortable and can ruin any good impression you managed to cast on him during the whole process.

employee experience

Can I keep doing my part time job?

No matter how much you love your part time job/ freelancing, most companies do not entertain such requests and might even reject you for making such an enquiry. Companies want their employees to be completed devoted to their jobs without any further distractions.

Can I work from Home?

This question always points towards complacency. The employer will think that you want to know about getting away from the office before even starting the job. Always refrain from asking such questions until you are well settled at a job and have a good rapport with your manager.

Asking no questions at all

While it is important to keep in check while asking any questions to your employer, it might even hurt you further if you don’t ask any questions at all. The interviewer expects you to have some doubts or questions about the job profile, company culture, etc. Asking no question might make you look desperate, looking to take the job under any circumstances.