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All you Need to Know About New Google Job Search

May 25,2017

Google has launched job search feature to give job seekers control over their search result, according to their requirement. The biggest advantage Google has is that people leverage Google to search for everything. Google has launched “Google Hire” to make recruitment process effective. Based on hire’s landing page, this page will help manage the recruitment process of the company.

In the past, job boards use to track the user behaviour within products to recommend them jobs which interest them. But this observation was circumscribed to their own website. On the contrary, Google has the product which gathers information such as whom they are emailing, what they purchase, people they search across web and where they visit. Even though all the details are not released yet these products could potentially allow company target job seekers in a better way.

Google has already launched job search tool for companies to use their own products and websites. Earlier in November, it had introduced early version of new API for job boards and career pages that can identify candidates searches for job title which company classify with distinct terminology or when candidate is qualified for a job but has not searched by name. Google’s job search and Hire feature would leverage this technology, but actually Google can factor data from its other products in their job recommendations.

From your browse history, they can find out the type of programming language you are interested in, can see maps location data of your office and home to include these factor into your jobs.

Google stated that information that is voluntarily provided by the candidate would be passed to the prospective employer as part of online application, any private information will not be shared. A spokesperson declined to comment on whether Google will leverage information gathered other products to recommend jobs and personalize career sites.

SMB’s that focus on gathering data about candidates other ways can be helped by companies like Facebook and Microsoft through their diverse information. For instance, company called “Joberate” trace individual job search across various social networks to calculate how likely the candidate is looking for a job.

Some executives don’t agree to that Google has necessarily built-in advantage by questioning the relevance of the data, such as job preference search history. There are few companies out there who have more experienced team and data than Google. We can only speculate how effective these New google Job Search will going to be in the future. The one thing we can say is leveraging data in a smart way can help you grab potential candidates.