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Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Talent Recruitment

April 02,2018

You can miss on the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition industry only if you have been living under a rock in past few years. The new wave of AI in talent recruitment has been changing the face of its industry. Whether it’s a threat to the recruiters in the industry or a boon for the development, it is difficult to decide for now. Because it is highly subjective for each individual and different businesses.

AI has given a new hope to the crisis of recruitment in the business today. It might solve the issue of human capital management to a great extent. The industry has always been struggling from the lack of the right candidate for the job. The cost and time that a business loses in the search of the right person is immense. Sometimes, they even have to suffer because of wrong candidate choice. Human capital management has always been difficult to handle. Since we are blessed to be in times where data is easily available. AI is thriving on the available data and it is improving the facet of talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.

How AI is helping recruitment industry:

1. Job advertisement: AI can create most appealing job description to attract an ideal candidate. The language is carefully chosen to curate a message for just the right person for the work profile.

2. Recruitment sourcing: AI can filter all the data available on the internet regarding the candidates that you are looking for in a fraction of seconds. They will also look into your data and the people who have applied in your company earlier. It will give you a list of shortlisted people and lighten your task to a great extent.

3. The right candidate: AI can shortlist and give you the candidate who is the best fit for your job description. Manually a person can be biased, subjective or just make an error of judgement. But AI will objectively look at all the skills/ experience required for the job and find you the right person.

4. Resume analysis: Going through the resume of each and every candidate is a tedious task. Not only that, it has a great chance that you might brush off a good candidate just by not paying attention. AI analyzes the resume database to go through all the necessary details (education, skills, experience), and grade them as per your requirements.

5. Candidate outreach: Artificial Intelligence uses fantastic chatbot services to collect information from candidates through screening, FAQs and interviews. The language is very natural and further, this data helps human recruiter.

What recruiters want from AI and automation: The process of recruitment is tedious and time taking. Even after going through every step carefully there is no guarantee that you will get the right candidate for your work profile. Recruiters are looking for a technology that makes their task easier and quick. Through the assistance of AI this task can also become enjoyable for the recruiters.

Development/ Evolution of AI in talent recruitment: It is definite that AI is changing the face of talent acquisition along with the recruiter itself. It will make the task easier for the recruiters, help in combating the struggle of filling job posts and lessen the gap between unemployment and businesses that looking for candidates. It will get recruiters an ideal candidate who is a fit for the work culture, giving the measured KPI and eventually improving their relationship with the hiring managers.