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Breaking the Mold: Crafting Job Descriptions for Unique Roles

May 15,2023

When discussing being creative, the phrase “thinking outside the box” is the most common. Every task demands an employee to be creative in a certain way, from marketing campaigns to client presentations! Although, when it comes to technical tasks like job descriptions, it’s always the same. We stick to a format and content structure that may attract some but not all.

The old-school format of job descriptions needs to include the characteristics of an individual job profile. Job profiles like content writing, graphic design, Animator, Office counsellor, translator, flight attendant, professional consultant and many more are different. Such profiles require a skill set that no other profile may contain. Their job descriptions should also be per the role so the right candidates can apply. Thus, as one of the top recruitment process outsourcing companies, we are here to give you key points that will help you build the perfect job description for non-traditional roles.

Research & Understanding

When creating job descriptions for unique roles, it’s essential to understand the nitty gritty of the position’s distinctive qualities. This involves being in the position’s shoes and identifying key skills, traits, and qualifications needed to fulfil them. Here are some tips from the best company for recruitment process outsourcing in India to help you get started with the understanding process:

  • Mind mapping: Outline the key responsibilities (sharing relevant content), required skills (creativity or analytical skills), and qualifications (experience or degree).

  • Explore some roles: Search for job postings for the job role posted by top recruitment process outsourcing companies, and analyze the roles to find common requirements and unique aspects.

  • Informational interviews: Reach out to professionals! Ask them about the challenges they face, the skills they value, and their insights.

  • Interactive brainstorming: Gather a team of colleagues from different departments and brainstorm ideas that balance creativity and data-driven decision-making.

  • Refine your findings: Compile the information from your research, interviews, and brainstorming. Create a concise list of necessary key skills, traits, and qualifications.

Avoiding Bias Stereotypes

Avoiding bias and stereotypes in job descriptions for non-traditional roles cannot be overstated. Biased language and stereotypes can deter qualified candidates from applying, limit the pool of potential applicants, and reinforce harmful stereotypes perpetuating workplace inequalities. Some common biases and stereotypes to avoid include:

  • Gendered language: Using words like “he” or “she” when referring to the ideal candidate or using gender-specific job titles (e.g., “salesman” instead of “salesperson”) can deter potential applicants who don’t identify with the specified gender.

  • Age-related stereotypes: Search for job postings for the job role posted by top recruitment process outsourcing companies, and analyze the roles to find common requirements and unique aspects.

  • Cultural biases: Steer clear of language that may be exclusive to a specific culture or demographic, such as colloquialisms, jargon, or references to cultural norms.

To promote inclusivity and diversity in job descriptions like the best company for recruitment process outsourcing in India, consider the following tips:

  • Use gender-neutral language: Replace gendered pronouns with “they” or “them,” and opt for gender-neutral job titles (e.g., “team member” instead of “team man”).

  • Emphasize skills and qualifications: Focus on the specific skills, competencies, and qualifications required for the role rather than making assumptions about a candidate’s background or characteristics.

  • Encourage diverse applicants: Include a statement in the job description that welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences, such as “We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applicants of all genders, races, ages, orientations, and abilities to apply.”

  • Review and revise:Regularly review and revise job descriptions to ensure they remain free of bias and stereotypes and to reflect the evolving nature of non-traditional roles.


Creating job descriptions for unique roles demands creativity, research, and an unbiased approach. Tailoring job descriptions for non-traditional roles with specific skill sets, traits, and qualifications is essential. Employers should conduct research, engage in brainstorming, and be mindful of avoiding biases in language and stereotypes to attract a diverse pool of candidates. This approach fosters diversity, inclusivity, and innovation in the workplace, benefiting from each team member’s unique contributions.

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