Life @ Collar Search


The world has gone digital in a powerful manner, and so has various industries, from healthcare, education to retail. One such digital platform that business from every industry is utilizing to reach out to their target audience is the social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all are being meticulously used

Collar Search celebrated Festive Season in Style

Collar Search celebrated the spirit of festivals with affluence and prosperity. The festive season is perfect reflection of vibrant workplace of Collar Search. Our company shared religious sentiments with opulence and vigour.       Celebrating Navratri and Durga puja is a great way to have fun, form bond among

Acknowledging the Efforts of the Team on Labors’ Day!

Labor Day is commemorated to celebrate the dedication and hard work of employees towards the organization. This day marks a federal holiday in United States.   Collar Search believes in addressing the requirements of employees rather than restricting itself to generating profits through its operations.The employees together act as an

Leadership Training At Collar Search

Our company has maintained its core ethical principle and we always strive to stand by it. This approach ensures unmatched services to our clients. At Collar Search, we focus on providing regular training sessions considering the several undergoing modifications in the recruitment industry. In the current month, Collar Search conducted

Collar Search Celebrated Labour’s Day

Labour Day originated during the late 1800’s is an annual celebration to acknowledge hard work and achievements of the employees. Collar Search believes that unique contribution is required from every employee for the exponential growth of the company. Collar Search is proud of what it has accomplished in the past


The month of March saw the Cricket Tournament - Collar Search versus SaffronTech on Skyline  Ground. Both the teams ranked on top in their respective cricket competitions.While Collar Search ended up in second position in the tournament, we learned great deal about teamwork. It was a day of fun and