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Collar Search Celebrates Christmas in Style

January 19,2016

Celebrates Christmas in Collar Search

December heralds the end of the year as the cold winds of winter brews throughout the countries located in the Northern hemisphere. Christmas is not just a Christian festival but also marks the start of a week long holiday season for global citizens.

Collar Search, a premier Offshore Recruitment provider company, celebrated Christmas in shades of red and white. The decorations for the festival had begun from almost a week before.

The entire office space was decorated with colored ribbons, glass balls and of course, the Christmas Tree. The dynamic HR team along with the employees took active part in decorating the office premises. Different departments took up different responsibilities to plan out Games, Events, Gifts and Refreshments that would facilitate the Christmas party.

Aside from the fun and games, various interactive personality development and customer engagement training seminars were also conducted throughout the week to provide motivation and also, a bit of a break from the regular work.

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The management at Collar Search understands the need for balancing work and play and that is what drives the team to greater heights, year after year.