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Common Recruiting Mistakes That Can Cost You The Ideal Employee

September 18,2020

Everybody at some point in their lives has been asked about their strengths and weaknesses by an interviewer and almost all of us are unclear about the answer for the most part. Now, there are a lot of similar questions that have been asked around in interviews for ages. While some of them actually provide insights about the candidate, some of them are simply a part of a redundant hiring practice that has been prevalent since forever.

What the recruiters need to focus on in today’s evolving world is that the basic parameters that they rely on to judge a candidate are outmoded and inflexible. Keeping this practice can significantly increase their chances of missing out on exceptional employees.

Here we have a list of common mistakes you could be making that may cost you a perfect employee-

  • One notable mistake most recruiters make is not starting the interview process on time and making the candidate wait. This makes the candidate feel that the organization does not deem the interview important enough.

  • Not evaluating the candidate’s resume beforehand is another mistake most recruiters make. It is imperative for you to thoroughly evaluate the candidate’s resume and then plan out questions in line with your queries or expectations.

  • A recruiter should NEVER dominate the conversation while conducting an interview. They should allow candidates to express themselves and leave enough space to get them to comfortably answer the questions you pose.

  • It is important for recruiters to understand the importance of listening while conducting an interview. If you rush through and do not pay attention to the things your candidate is telling you, it will be a big blow to their morale.

  • Starting with technical questions right off the bat is another huge mistake you could be making while conducting an interview. It is advisable to start with general questions about life and their interests to help them ease up.

  • Recruitment managers are often overladen with work and there could be a million things running through your mind all at the same time but it is imperative to not lose focus on the interview.

  • Several times during a recruitment process a recruiter has to interview candidates who are not as good with the work as they seem on their resumes. These candidates may also not answer the questions in the desired manner, however, it is important to not dismiss their opinions and criticize them.

  • Using organizational acronyms because you are used to talking in a certain way about things is one of the biggest blunders recruiters make while interviewing prospective candidates. It is important to use layman language and make the candidates understand the process before asking them questions about it.

  • Being impolite or dishonest to get candidates around is a strict no-no when it comes to the hiring or interviewing process. Telling candidates they are not good enough or that there are people more qualified than them and desire less salary just to get them to join at your offering price can negatively impact the employee as well as the organization.

Now, these being some of the prime mistakes that most recruiters make, there are several which may cloud your judgment in terms of finding the right fit for your organization. The world today has so much more to offer for everyone to just stick to one basic role or domain. There are numerous employees who are looking for the right fit just like you are. It can be in terms of a career path, an organization, a culture, or anything, but your hiring practices may not be flexible enough to incorporate such employees.

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Here we have a list of some “Red Flags” that might actually turn out to be assets for your organization.

Candidates looking for a career change

More often than not individuals looking for a career change are the most dedicated and hardworking people you’d ever meet. Now, being a recruiter you are looking at someone who has enough spirit to actually go through with a career change in a world that actively denounces it. There are various reasons as to why people switch careers, it could be because their values didn’t align with the job roles, they had less understanding of practical work that would be involved, the other career entices them, and many more.

Now, the thing to note here is that these individuals are willing to give up their experience and benefits that come with it to pursue something from scratch. They are willing to put in endless amounts of hard work and make the best out of their situation. Being a recruiter, it could be hard for you to go through with their candidature as they lack experience but on the flip side, their experience in a different domain can add value to your team. The best way to assess such individuals is to judge them on their soft skills and willingness to grow and work.

Job hoppers

If you are ever faced with a dilemma as to hire someone who has relevant experience and overall a perfect candidate but hasn’t lasted for more than a year at any firm. You should lay your focus on the candidate’s ambitions and interests. Many-a-times individuals are not given ample space to grow in an organization, it could be because of strict hierarchy or the employer is simply not growth-minded. An individual looking for growth based on his performance is just what you need for your growth-driven organization. Job hoppers are mostly people who did not get appreciated for their performances or didn’t align with the employer’s brand and didn’t shy away from moving towards a better opportunity. The best way to analyze such a candidate is to allow them to explain themselves and their motives. Understanding their viewpoint can significantly help you in making an informed decision.

Employment gaps

According to a report published by, 59% of Americans have had an employment gap in their careers. 48% of these took the time off for family reasons, 37% of these were laid off by the employers, and 13% proceeded with further studies. Employment gaps are treated as a taboo in our corporate world and that simply states the lack of humanity we have for our fellow people. Although, a longer gap does keep an employee out of touch from the industry but is not something that proves their capability or incapability. There are various recruiters who take this up as an opportunity to negotiate on the salary and it can be very disheartening for the candidates.

What is advisable to recruiters in this situation is that they should understand the reason and logic behind their gap and address any concerns they might have for the candidate. Allowing candidates with employment gaps can be a great opportunity as this will get through to their morals and drive them to work harder and with more efficiency. There are numerous individuals who have lost their jobs in the wake of the pandemic and as a recruiter, it is your duty to give equal importance to their applications as well.

Mistaking a candidate’s honesty with bad-mouthing

As a recruiter, what we fail to understand is that there are organizations that are not employee-friendly and some of them can be downright mentally abusive. Now, there will be candidates that might have been subjected to abuse by such organizations and it is important to understand their perspective when they tell you about the reasons to leave their previous organization. We often mistake a candidate’s honesty for bad-mouthing and disregard their applications based on that. It is crucial for recruiters to touch base with them in line with your human instincts and give them a safe space to let you in on their experiences.

Misjudge candidates based on their social media profiles

With the world becoming increasingly virtual, social media upkeep has become a norm. Many recruiters believe in running background checks on prospective employees and they are not wrong in doing so. This can help with gaining insight into your candidates’ lives and interests. However, something that we miss out on is leaving behind our judgment of a certain lifestyle. It is important for recruiters to understand that a candidate’s lifestyle does not forecast his performance. In such scenarios, it is advisable to look through a candidate’s professional social media handles such as Linkedin or other recruiter websites rather than more private handles such as Facebook or Instagram.

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