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How To Overcome The 5 Biggest Recruitment Process Challenges?

November 30,2022

The two factors that set apart a great company from an average company are – hiring and retaining candidates. When companies fail to close open positions for a long time due to several factors, it becomes a deterrent to seamless talent acquisition and it even becomes detrimental to a company’s reputation.

According to Society for human resource management (SHRM), 59% of HR professionals believe that even basic skill-sets are missing in candidates applying for the job and 84% of them believe there is a shortage of skill in the market. With such a big deficit in the market, employers have to give a respite to outdated recruitment processes and pave the way for new ideas and methods.

To help you get rid of prolonged waiting for filling vacant positions or to avoid working with the wrong workforce, we haven come up with solutions for the top 5 biggest issues that might be ubiquitous in almost every recruitment process. Keep reading to stay illuminated.

Recruitment Process Simplified

  • Advertising An Opening

    Advertising should always begin internally. You should inform the employees about the current openings and advertising the job might stop here, if you have planned to hire internally. If, however, you are interested in hiring candidates externally, you should choose a mix of the company’s website along with social media platforms, job fairs, job posting sites like LinkedIn and much more.

    Make sure to convey the job descriptions clearly in the advertisement otherwise you will have to go through a lot of noise during the screening process.

  • Checking Applicants Details

    You should either have recruitment process outsourcing services or a proper in-house mechanism in place to receive applications. In most cases, the review process begins with the HR professionals reviewing the candidates and getting rid of those applicants who don’t even meet the minimum requirement for the position.

    In other cases, the hiring manager might be interested in reviewing every application and he might even use his own method of narrowing down the available options.

  • Shortlisting Ideal Candidates

    In order to move forward in the recruitment process, you have to screen and shortlist applicants accurately and efficiently. This is where companies prefer to work with recruitment process outsourcing services since it becomes challenging for HR professionals to deal with accurate shortlisting.

  • Introduction & Interview

    The shortlisted candidates will now move to the interview process before receiving a rejection note or an offer letter. The experience and expertise of a recruitment process outsourcing company might come in handy here since it is the interviews that set the right pathway to hiring an ideal candidate and building the best workforce.

  • Hire The Right Candidate

    This is the final stage of the recruitment process but it should never be taken lightly as you can never take it for granted that candidates will accept your offer. However, if the candidates have waited patiently to complete the paperwork and have shown eagerness at every stage, the odds of accepting the offer letter are high.

5 Biggest Recruitment Process Challenges And How To Overcome Them

  • Abundance Of Candidate Applications

    Just because you have a big pile of candidate applications, it doesn’t mean you have hit bullseye with your recruitment process. Too many applications can also cause too much noise that needs to be filtered out.

    When you try to locate the right person in a pool of unqualified talents, you end up settling for a candidate that doesn’t match your expectation. To avoid this, you must have a smaller pipeline of more qualified talents instead of just a large number of applicants.

  • Not Finding The Right Candidate

    According to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, 87% of HR professionals said there is a lack of talent in the market. Unfortunately, situations are getting worse and therefore, you have to engage in the talent wars and surpass the competition.

    This is where your employer brand can give you a competitive advantage, especially when you work with a recruitment process outsourcing company. When your rivals will be hitting the same pool of applicants, you can use your employer brand to stand apart from the crowd.

  • The Best Candidate Exceeds Your Salary Expectations

    Salary can act as a hurdle or a challenge for winning over some candidates, especially the best ones. If a candidate possesses a set of skills that others lack and if he has many years of experience, there are maximum chances that his salary expectations are going to surpass your offering.

    In such a case, you should make the candidate aware about the other benefits that they get after joining your company like opportunity to grow, best working environment, opportunity to work with the best talents of the industry and much more.

  • Slow Recruitment Process

    If you wish to attract the right talent, you must boost the speed of your recruitment process. To boost the speed of your recruitment process, it is necessary to craft a recruitment plan that clearly defines which type of experience and skill sets you are looking for and this can be done with the help of recruitment process outsourcing India.

  • Candidate Prefers A Better Offer From Another Company

    All the good candidates have multiple offers in hand and this means they are even very fussy. A candidate still in the middle of your recruitment process might prefer to switch to another company with a better offer.

    To deal with this issue, you must opt for the recruitment process outsourcing India. The third party companies have got the right tool, experience and people to keep moving the best candidates forward in the recruitment process.

Hire A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Company To Ensure You Don’t Face Such Challenges

If you are dealing with any of the above mentioned challenges, then it is a better option to work with a recruitment process outsourcing company since they are aware about the specific recruitment challenge of every industry and companies like Collar Search has the right method, process and people in place to keep your talent pool filled.