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Do’s and Don’ts for Virtual Recruitment

February 07,2024

Living amidst a pandemic is hard. Running a business amidst a pandemic is HARDER!

We’ve all been subjected to the emotional and mental abuse of living in the times of recession-hit economy and a pandemic at our heels. Our businesses, however, have also been suffering equally bad. This sudden shift in operations has caused disruptions in ways we could not have fathomed in our worst nightmares but we are still striving to march ahead and make the best of our limited resources.

Emerging out of the carnage is one trend which is widely being accepted by organizations world over- Virtual recruitment. Hiring needs in an organization are simply a constant and virtual hiring or remote hiring has enabled us to evaluate applicants from the comfort of our homes. It comprises video interviews, virtual hiring events, surveys, and basically all-out hiring needs just done virtually.

There are several advantages to adopting virtual recruitment, to name a few-

Continuity: As we have alluded, the pandemic has accentuated remote hiring significantly. Having a virtual recruitment process in place gives you the opportunity to continue with your operations without interruptions. Most organizations are working remotely and the dynamics of recruitment have been changed because of it. All you need to filter prospective candidates through your recruitment funnel is a stable internet connection.

Time-Saving: Virtual recruitment lets you screen a larger number of candidates in a shorter amount of time. With online assessments on the rise, it has become easier for recruiting managers to sort through the profiles of interested candidates and select the ones they seem like the right fit. It has become equally convenient for the candidates and recruiters.

Reduced costs: Recruitment campaigns cost a lot as it is, topping them off with interview expenses and recruitment channelling can significantly affect the finances of an organization. A well-designed recruitment process taking place virtually will allow you to automate a lot of the manual tasks. This way you will have the liberty to focus on your core activities without having to compromise on the recruitment front.

Access global talent: Virtual hiring for remote positions can have several advantages, the biggest one being- Access to global talent. The US has been witnessing a labour crunch since the early 2000s. Virtual hiring and remote working come as a phenomenal opportunity for firms based out in the US. There are loads of talents available in APAC and MENA regions which can easily be accessed via a virtual hiring process.

Culture fit is not as big a problem: Cultural fit is considered to be one of the most important aspects of in-person hiring. However, with remote working in place, it is not such a big problem anymore. With limited resources and engagement, most organizations are finding it hard to keep up with their staffing needs. Losing a candidate on the base of a few different ideologies would not be in their best interest. However, it is important to take note that the difference in ideologies doesn’t affect the operational value the employee brings to the organization and doesn’t affect other employees.

Now that we are all aware of how virtual recruitment strategies is beneficial for us. The question that remains is how to nail the process of virtual recruitment? Is there a standard set of guidelines recruitment managers need to follow? Or, is the process completely at the mercy of their will?

Well, there are no standard guidelines as to how the process should go about but, there are certain dos and don’ts which are recommended for a smooth and fruitful recruitment process.


The Do’s

A great career or landing page

Hiring the right employee is what we seek but, attracting the right talent is what needs our focus. If your organization has a killer landing page, it is highly likely that a candidate will be willing to apply. Always remember that your website isn’t only a means to target potential customers. It is also the virtual face of your organization. A little customization here and a little modification there wouldn’t hurt and will bring in the desired results. Every candidate looking to apply will take note of the website and opportunities your organization has to offer. This is why it is imperative to list down exactly what it is that you are offering the candidate.

Most companies do not utilize their websites to their full potential and miss out on a lot of great candidates. Make sure your website isn’t one of them! It is crucial that your website highlights the uniqueness of your organization and why should a candidate be interested in working with you. Once you have your right set of candidates hooked, you can easily sort through their profiles and select the perfect fit.

Use the right targeting tactics

It is imperative that the recruiter takes note of what is trending among their ideal set of employees and targets just the spots. An ideal way of doing this is by building a candidate persona. This way you can be completely sure of what you desire in a candidate and target the hotspots. However, this process isn’t as easy as it may seem because building a candidate persona in itself is a time-consuming task. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to focus your energy and resources at the targeted individuals which will further reduce the cost of hiring.

Running recruitment marketing campaigns and inviting applications via different means is another strategy which runs parallely. Recruitment marketing campaigns can again take up a lot of time to formulate and might be a little heavy on the pocket but the results can counter every penny spent.

Engaging content

Relevant content is all you need to attract the right talent. There are various ways in which you can excel at creating the right content but a key factor is to keep in mind your ideal set of candidates. Think from the perspective of your candidate and note down all the points you feel they look for in a job description. You can go by the basic rules of writing a job description by creating an apt job title, followed by a job description. You can also include testimonials and visual cues to make it more interesting and engaging. Along with a perfect job description, it is also important to keep your website updated with relevant content for job seekers. For instance, posting regular industry related news, salary reports, and such. To get an understanding of your ideal applicants you’d need to check for their online habits, interests, general lifestyle, expected income, and other such factors.

Strategic social media strategies

Social media in today’s world is one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal. It can be used for various purposes from strengthening brand image to running recruitment campaigns. Having a strong social media strategy in place for recruitment marketing is a must for virtual recruitments. A social media recruitment campaign can significantly increase applications from desired candidates if executed in the right manner. It is crucial to keep the posts engaging and crisp. Never bombard your feeds with swathes of information instead keep it short and contextual.

Leverage Internal networks

The power of referrals should not be underestimated in any setting of recruitment, virtual or real. Networking is the most powerful recruitment tool of all time. Who’s more likely to encourage potential applicants than existing employees? No one! They are the perfect spokesperson to do your bidding. With first-hand experience and knowledge of the organization’s culture, existing employees are the perfect means to get the ideal candidate. All you need to do is get them the job description and have them share it with their network. Social media platforms such as Linkedin are ideal to find the perfect fit for your organization and a platform for your employees to find like-minded individuals. Having your employees participate in social media campaigns can also go a long way for you.

The Don’ts

Never forget the scalability of job adverts

With mobile devices on the rise, mobile phones are becoming our single source to scout for anything. The convenience of mobile phones cannot be stated in words and because of that very factor, a lot of job applicants are now applying through their mobile phones or tablets. In this scenario, it becomes imperative for you to keep in mind the scalability of your job advert. Making your job advert mobile compliant can ensure efficient results.

Never neglect interaction

Relying too much on virtual setting or recruiting tools can often lead to minimal communication between the recruitment manager and candidates. We can often lose the human touch and feel of the recruitment process while engaging virtually. Take note that this should never be the scenario as less communication or engagement can cause the candidate to feel unsure about applying. It is crucial to keep the channel of communication flowing so the candidate feels secure. They should be made aware that you are available to communicate throughout the application process and should be constantly checked upon. However, always keep the communication strictly formal and in line with general acceptance as too much communication from their end can also be seen in a negative light.

Don’t underestimate pre-employment assessments

Assuming that every candidate applying for the position will be able to do it is simply not going to work for any recruitment manager. It is important to use pre-employment assessments to weed out undesirable candidates. A simple measure on the basis of cognitive abilities, personality traits, simulations of role-related problems, and such will give you an understanding of the candidates footing. Also, it is imperative to keep in mind that acing these tests doesn’t make a candidate the ideal employee. It is also important to check if the organization’s culture sits right with him/her/they.

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