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Employer Branding Tips: The Secret Sauce For Successful Offshore Jobs Hiring

June 16,2020

If you look at the modern-day talent landscape closely, then you will find that it is full of paradoxes. Most of the developed and under-developed countries think that they have abundant talent pools, but when you begin your hunt for the right people for your company, you will find it very challenging. The actual situation in the talent landscape is a far cry from what most of the countries and people think.

With the talent scarcity overshadowing the future of most of the firms, it has become crucial for each and every organization to begin on the right foot by building an employer brand so that employees will be attracted to your job offer.

Better employer branding will aid your organization in enticing, engaging, and hiring the right people for the job, even in an era that is suffering from lack of talent. The proliferation of employer branding in offshore jobs hiring doesn’t look surprised as it is giving desirable results to almost all the businesses.

So, here are some of the top tips for employer branding that will act as your secret sauce for successful talent hiring.

  • Work on Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

    In order to understand EVP in a better way, you will first have to understand ‘elevator pitch.’ In the world of filmmaking, writers are asked to come up with an ‘elevator pitch,’ which means to come up with a story that they will use when they get into an elevator with their dream producer or director. This makes the pitch short, crisp, and to the point.

    Well, the EVP is similar to the elevator pitch, but the only difference is instead of a producer or director, you will have to pitch your offer or idea to the candidates. According to the standard definition, EVP contains a bulleted point list that contains details about why your firm is the best place for work and what are the things employees love about your company.

    Instead of just focusing on goals, motives, vision, and mission, EVP gives a reason for the candidates to work in a company, and this is why it is so important. A good EVP will make employees accept your offer.

  • Make it a continuous practice, not a yearly activity.

    Never be under the impression that employer branding is a yearly or once in a lifetime activity. Just like sales and marketing, you will have to make your employer branding a regular practice in your organization, especially if you are looking forward to hiring the right people.

    In order to stay relevant with your hiring process, your brand should never show resistance to change, and it should keep on improving with feedback, time, and change in the market landscape. You will be surprised to know that in most of the organization, employees are not aware of the EVP, and this is a serious issue.

    Some of the regular practices that you can introduce in your organization are employee satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, candidate perception studies, and much more. All such practices will allow you to be consistent with your employer brand strategy.

  • Build a unique and enticing voice

    There are many companies out there that have mastered the art of building a strong corporate persona on different social media platforms. One of the best examples is Denny. Denny had many followers on Twitter who haven’t visited the dinner-style restaurant chain for many years, but still, they were successful in building a large audience base because they were very funny with their tweets. And even if 2 out of 10 followers visited their restaurant just because of their funny voice on Twitter, that would have been a big win for them.

    You don’t need to be funny with your post like Denny, but you will surely need to give a reason for your followers to believe that your company is not a faceless firm, but it is composed of real people who are happy with the work culture and ethics.

  • Create a multi-generational workforce

    You can never be successful in any industry just by hiring people with 20+ years of experience, and you also can’t survive with millennials only. The modern-day workplace is composed of people from different generations, and that’s why it has become crucial to building a multi-generational workforce and culture.

    With a well-defined employer brand strategy, you can easily address the needs of the multi-generational workforce. From helping you to attract some of the top talents from the industry to motivating existing employees to perform better, employer brand strategy will work like a wonder with such a workforce.

    You will need to make your employer brand work like a buffet offering the right plan to the right person; otherwise, things will quickly go haywire in your organization. You will need to use the same approach with your offshore job hiring as well.

  • Never let the company’s vision get out of focus.

    Consider yourself as the drummer of a band and your brand ambassadors and content creators to be guitarists and vocalists. While your content creators and brand ambassadors will keep producing different kinds of melodies, you will need to provide them with a beat that will glue all those melodies together. And that beat will be the vision of your company.

    Your social media presence can help you in building employee-produced messaging and content. Always have a clear vision that will express the messaging and branding choice with which candidates and employees can easily relate to. This approach works like a wonder in offshore jobs hiring as well.

    If you don’t want your candidates to lose interest in your company and your existing employees to spiral out of control, then you must focus on building a strong employer branding. In an era where finding the right talent has become challenging, you can retain good employees and hire the top talents with better employer branding.

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